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24 (2003)

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

24 is the first compilation album by the female Christian vocal group Point of Grace, released on April 8, 2003 by Word/Curb/Warner Bros. Records.

The album title refers to the group's 24 consecutive #1 hits on the Christian music charts, 22 number one songs on the Christian Adult Contemporary chart and two number one songs on the Christian Inspirational chart. At the time of this album's release, the group managed to add two more number one songs from their previous album Free to Fly that didn't make it on to this collection: "You Will Never Walk Alone" and "Yes, I Believe." One new song was recorded for the album: "Day by Day," which was founding member Terry Jones' final recording with the group, prior to her departure in 2004, when she was replaced by Leigh Cappillino. The song is co-written by Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, also known by her stage name Plumb. "Day by Day" was released as a radio single and became Point of Grace's 27th number one song overall, topping Radio & Records Christian Inspo chart and Billboard's Christian AC Airplay chart, while peaking at number two on R&R's Christian AC chart, and also peaking at number two on Billboard's inaugural Christian music charts:

#2 Billboard Hot Christian Songs

#2 Billboard Christian Airplay

#1 Billboard Christian AC Airplay

The album was originally released in a digipak with only the words "Point of Grace" and "24" on the cover. It was later reissued in a standard 2CD jewel case with a photo of the group added to the cover, then again with a photo including Cappillino, though she does not appear on the album.

Two tie-ins to the album were released: a book written by the group, titled Keep the Candle Burning: 24 Reflections on Our Favorite Songs, and a DVD entitled 7 (a play on the phrase "24/7") featuring seven music videos. 24 peaked at number 9 on the Top Christian Albums and number 136 on the Top 200 Albums charts in Billboard magazine. The collection was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America in 2006.

Track listing

Disc 1

1. Day by Day (Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, Christa Wells) (new recording) -3:32

2. I'll Be Believing (Becky and Geoff Thurman) -3:17

3. One More Broken Heart (Dwight Liles, Jeff Slaughter) -4:02

4. Jesus Will Still Be There (Robert Sterling, John Mandeville) -4:29

5. Faith, Hope & Love (Ty Lacy, Kevin Stokes) -4:26

6. I Have No Doubt (Tommy Greer, Dawn Thomas) -4:28

7. No More Pain (Becky and Geoff Thurman, Michael English) -4:40

8. The Great Divide (Grant Cunningham, Matt Huesmann) -4:18

9. Dying to Reach You (Geoff Thurman, Michael Puryear) -4:15

10. Gather at the River (Regie Hamm, Joel Lindsay) -3:25

11. God Is with Us (Robert Sterling) -3:58

12. Love Like No Other (Ty Lacy, John Mandeville) -4:13

Disc 2

1. Keep the Candle Burning (Jeff and Gayla Borders, Lowell Alexander) -4:26

2. You Are the Answer (Reggie Hamm, Matt Huesmann) -3:50

3. Circle of Friends (Douglas McKelvey, Steve Siler) -4:15

4. That's the Way It's Meant to Be (Michael Omartian, Bruce Sudano) -3:31

5. Steady On (Grant Cunningham, Matt Huesmann) -4:47

6. Saving Grace (Grant Cunningham, Matt Huesmann) -4:29

7. When The Wind Blows (Chuck Hargett) -4:26

8. The Wonder Of It All (Michael W. Smith, Brent Bourgeois) -4:10

9. My God (Carla Sullivan) -4:42

10. The Song Is Alive (Gayla & Jeff Borders, Lowell Alexander) -4:23

11. Blue Skies (Grant Cunningham, Matt Huesmann) -4:20

12. He Sends His Love (Jeremy Bose, Paul Evans) -4:35

13. Praise Forevermore (Darlene Zschech) -4:33

Gold certified in 2006.


Point of Grace:

Shelly Breen -vocals

Denise Jones -vocals

Terry Jones -vocals

Heather Payne -vocals

Production credits

Disc 1:

"Day by Day" (new recording) -produced by Shaun Shankel (track 1)

Point of Grace -produced by Robert Sterling and Scott Williamson (tracks 2 -7)

The Whole Truth -produced by Robert Sterling (tracks 8 -12)

Disc 2:

Life, Love & Other Mysteries -produced by Phil Naish (tracks 1 -3) and Michael

Omartian (track4)

Steady On -produced by Brown Bannister (tracks 5 -10)

Free to Fly -produced by Brown Bannister (track 11), Nathan Nockles and Tom Laune (tracks 12 and 13)

Radio singles

2003 "Day by Day" -#2 R&R Christian AC, #1 R&R Christian Inspo, #2 Billboard

Hot Christian Songs, #2 Billboard Christian Airplay, #1 Billboard Christian AC


Next release: I Choose You (2004)

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