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By Faith (1994)

Updated: May 9

By Faith is the sixth studio album by Christian music singer - songwriter Kim Boyce. It is her second and final album on the Warner Alliance label released in late 1994.

The album is more adult contemporary, leaving behind the dance pop sound of her previous albums. A music video was made for the second single "Not Too Far From Here." Boyce dedicated the album to her first born son Gary Lee. The production team of Bill Cuomo and Robert White Johnson produced three songs while Bryan Lenox produced the rest of the album.

Track listing

1. Tell Me (Kim Boyce, Bill Cuomo, Robert White Johnson) -4:10

2. Oh What a Love (Kim Boyce, Robert White Johnson, Scott Sheriff) -3:50

3. By Faith (Chris Rice, Scott MacLeod) -4:22

4. Not Too Far From Here (Steve Siler, Ty Lacy) -3:54

5. Just Believe (Brian Tankersley, Judson Spence) -4:47

6. After God's Own Heart (Carolyn Arends, Joe Beck) -3:55

7. Rescue Me (Kim Boyce, Tommy Greer) -3:40

8. Dreams I'm Dreamin' (Kim Boyce, Bo Cooper) -4:33

9. Imagine a Love (Eric Champion) -3:50

10. Shelter Me with Love (Kim Boyce, Gary Lunn) -4:21

Production credits

Bryan Lenox -producer (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9)

Bill Cuomo and Robert White Johnson -producers (tracks 2, 6 and 10)

Radio singles

1994 "By Faith" -#3 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

1995 "Not Too Far From Here" -#3 Christian AC

1995 "Tell Me" -#27 Christian AC

Listen to the album By Faith here:

Watch the music video of "Not Too Far From Here" here:

Por Fe is Kim Boyce's first and only full-length Spanish language album of By Faith and was released in 1995. It features the same track order as her English language album.

Track listing

1. Dimelo -4:11

2. Oh, Que Amor -3:57

3. Por Fe -4:23

4. No Lejos De Aqui -3:55

5. Esta En Ti -4:47

6. Su Dulce Corazon -3:56

7. Ayudame A Seguir -3:40

8. Solo Sueno -4:34

9. Imagina Amor -3:50

10. Protegeme Con Amor -4:21

Previous release: Facts of Love (1992)

Next release: As I Am (1997)

Listen to the full-length album Por Fe here:

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