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Chapter One...A Decade (2001)

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Chapter One...A Decade is a compilation album of the Christian male vocal group 4Him, released on October 2, 2001 by Benson Records. Similar to their 1999 compilation Best Ones, this collection contains 15 of 4Him's best songs including two songs from other projects: "The Only Thing I Need" featuring Jon Anderson

(former lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes) from Streams and "You Are Holy" from My Utmost for His Highest, plus songs that were not on Best Ones like "A Strange Way to Save the World" and "Can't Get Past the Evidence." The group was not involved with this collection.

Track listing

1. Ride of Life (Mark Harris, Don Koch) (from The Ride) -4:38

2. The Only Thing I Need (with Jon Anderson) (Brent Bourgeois) (from Streams)


3. You Are Holy (Michael W. Smith, Carolyn Arends, Mark Harris) (from My Utmost

for His Highest) -4:59

4. For Future Generations (Mark Harris, Don Koch, Dave Clack) (from The Ride)


5. Shelter in the Rain (Mark Harris, Marty Magehee) (from The Ride) -3:49

6. Sacred Hideaway (Marty Magehee) (from The Message) -5:21

7. Can't Get Past the Evidence (Mark Harris) (from Obvious) -3:53

8. The Measure of a Man (Mark Lewis, Don Koch, Stephanie Lewis) (from

The Message) -4:05

9. Before the River Came (Mark Harris, Keith Dudley) (from Obvious) -4:08

10. Center of the Mark (Mark Harris, Don Koch) (from The Message) -5:23

11. Where There is Faith (Billy Simon) (from 4Him) -4:58

12. A Man You Would Write About (Billy Simon) (from Face the Nation) -4:57

13. Land of Mercy (Mark Harris, Don Koch, Dave Clark, Keith Dudley) (from

The Message) -4:07

14. The Basics of Life (Mark Harris, Don Koch) (from The Basics of Life) -5:13

15. A Strange Way to Save the World (Mark Harris, Don Koch, Dave Clark) (from

Christmas: The Season of Love) -4:37



Mark Harris -vocals

Andy Chrisman -vocals

Kirk Sullivan -vocals

Marty Magehee -vocals

Production credits

Don Koch -producer (tracks 1, 4, 8, 10, 13 -15)

Michael Omartian -producer (tracks 5 and 9)

4Him and Bill Baumgart -producers (track 7)

Peter Wolf -producer (track 6)

Brent Bourgeois and Loren Balman -producers (track 2)

Brown Bannister -producer (track 3)

Jonathan David Brown -producer (track 11)

Reed Arvin -producer (track 12)

Next release: Walk On (2001)

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