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Every Christmas (2023)

Updated: Apr 27

Every Christmas is the 24th studio and fifth Christmas album by Christian singer - songwriter Michael W. Smith. It was released to digital and streaming platforms on October 6, 2023 with its physical CD released on November 17, 2023 by Rocketown/The Fuel Music.

Every Christmas includes the six songs from his 2022 Christmas EP Christmas at Home woven together with six new songs that wrap this nostalgic, family-focused project into a beautiful completion. The full-length album's theme is all about celebrating the memories of Christmases past as well as the future as a family and some of those songs reflect that. Smith's own grown children got involved in the production, including his son Tyler Michael Smith co-producing some of the tracks and daughters Whitney Mooring and Anna Smith providing songwriting and singing backing vocals.

As of December 2, 2023, Every Christmas peaked at number 46 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. The Night Before... (instrumental) (Michael W. Smith) -0:42

2. Christmas is Here (Michael W. Smith, Anna Bovi) -3:27

3. Here With Us (Michael W. Smith, Anna Smith) -3:34

4. Caroling, Caroling (Alfred Burt, Wihla Hutson) -1:38

5. Sometime Every Christmas (Michael W. Smith, Tony Wood) -4:00

6. How Great Our Joy (traditional) -2:35

7. Freeze the Frame (Michael W. Smith, Tony Wood) -3:52

8. The One (Michael W. Smith, Whitney Mooring) -3:54

9. Newborn King (Michael W. Smith, Cindy Morgan) -4:45

10. The Star (instrumental) (Michael W. Smith) -4:39

11. God with God (Michael W. Smith, Tony Wood, David Hamilton) -4:11

12. Christmas at Wildwood (instrumental) (Michael W. Smith) -2:01

Production credits

Michael W. Smith -producer (tracks 1 -6, 8 -10 and 12)

Tyler Michael Smith -producer (tracks 3 -6 and 8)

Mark Campbell -producer (track 7)

David Hamilton -producer (track 11)

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