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God Fixation (1998)

Updated: Jan 3

God Fixation is the seventeenth studio album by the Christian rock band Petra, released on April 21, 1998 by Word Records. The album is produced by John and Dino Elefante and is executive produced by founder Bob Hartman.

It is Petra's first new regular album since 1995's No Doubt and features a brand new personnel line-up. Joining lead singer John Schlitt, drummer Louie Weaver and bassist Lonnie Chapin are guitarists Pete Orta and Kevin Brandow. Special guest musicians include Jeff Roach on keyboards, John Elefante on backing vocals and founder Hartman on guitar among others.

God Fixation is a departure from the arena rock of the late 1980s to mid 1990s, where the sound on this album is more alternative rock and that the new band members worked closely with Hartman with the music and lyrics focusing on the modern sound. Although the album got mixed reviews because of their modern mellow rock sound, Petra did earn a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album at the 41st Grammy Awards. God Fixation peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. If I Had to Die for Someone (Bob Hartman, Lonnie Chapin, John Elefante) -4:39

2. Hello Again (Bob Hartman, Brian Wooten, John Elefante) -3:40

3. A Matter of Time (Bob Hartman) -3:24

4. Falling Up (Bob Hartman, Pete Orta, John Elefante) -4:25

5. Over the Horizon (John Elefante, Pete Orta, Chelsea Brandow) -4:37

6. God Fixation (Bob Hartman, Lonnie Chapin, Pete Orta, John Elefante) -2:54

7. Set for Life (Bob Hartman, John Elefante, Brian Wooten, Kevin Brandow) -3:55

8. Magnet of the World (Bob Hartman, John Elefante) -3:44

9. Shadow of a Doubt (Bob Hartman, John Elefante) -3:27

10. St. Augustine's Pears (Bob Hartman) -3:48

11. The Invitation (Bob Hartman, Kevin Brandow) -4:29



Bob Hartman -guest guitarist on all tracks

John Schlitt -lead vocals

Lonnie Chapin -bass guitar, backing vocals

Louie Weaver -drums

Pete Orta -lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Kevin Brandow -guitars, backing vocals

Radio singles

"If I Had to Die for Someone" -#35 Christian AC

Next release: Double Take (2000)

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