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Going Public (1994)

Updated: Apr 13

Going Public is the fifth studio album by the Australian Christian rock band Newsboys, released on July 26, 1994 by Star Song Records. Peter Furler and Steve Taylor once again produced the album and continuing the success of their 1992 album Not Ashamed.

Going Public produced their second number one hit and music video with "Shine."

Three more number one hits followed on the Christian CHR chart with "Spirit Thing," "Real Good Thing" and "Truth and Consequences." The album was recently included as the first in a series of influential Christian albums in Blaze magazine's Blast from the Past section, saying that modern Christian artists owe a lot to the path this album created, because it "...showed music from a Godly perspective could sound extremely catchy, have lyrics that were honest and still glorify God." In 2001, Going Public was named by CCM Magazine as one of The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music, ranking at number 70 and in 2006, "Shine" as one of The 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music, at number 9.

Newsboys' lead singer John James sings lead on three songs with Furler singing lead on the majority of the album and both James and Furler singing lead on the track "Be Still." The band added new members with Jody Davis on electric guitar, Duncan Phillips on keyboards (replacing Corey Pryor), Kevin Mills on bass guitar (replacing Sean Taylor, and is the only album he played on) and Jeff Frankenstein, who joined the band during the final recording stages of the album, and didn't play on the tracks, but is still mentioned in the liner notes and went on tour with the band. Phillips, Davis and Frankenstein would be mainstays throughout the rest of the 1990s, so the line-up, for a time, became stable.

Going Public peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart and in 1997, was certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for sales of half a million copies. In 1995, Newsboys were nominated for four Dove Awards including Group of the Year and winning two for Rock Album of the Year and "Shine" was named Rock Recorded Song of the Year and in 1996 was nominated for the top prize of Song of the Year. Also in 1995, the band earned their second Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album.

NOTE: future member Phil Joel appeared on the "Shine" music video.

Track listing

All songs were written by Peter Furler and Steve Taylor, except where noted.

1. Real Good Thing (Peter Furler, Steve Taylor, Jody Davis) -2:54

2. Shine -3:43

3. Spirit Thing -3:28

4. Let It Rain -4:18

5. Going Public -3:31

6. Truth and Consequences -2:59

7. Lights Out -3:10

8. Be Still -3:20

9. When You Called My Name -4:03

10. Elle G. (Peter Furler, Steve Taylor, Wade Jaynes) -5:13



John James -lead vocals on tracks 5, 7 -9, backing vocals

Peter Furler - lead vocals on tracks 1 -4, 6, 8 and 10, backing vocals, drums,


Duncan Phillips -keyboards, backing vocals

Jody Davis -guitar, backing vocals

Kevin Mills -bass guitar, backing vocals

Jeff Frankenstein -on tour playing keyboards and additional programming

Gold certified in 1997.


Dove Award -Rock Album of the Year (Going Public)

Rock Recorded Song of the Year ("Shine")

Radio singles

1994 "Be Still" -#2 Christian CHR, #12 Christian AC

1994 -1995 "Shine" -#1 Christian CHR for 6 weeks

1995 "Let It Rain" -#7 Christian CHR, #21 Christian AC

1995 "Spirit Thing" -#1 Christian CHR for 2 weeks

1995 "Real Good Thing" -#1 Christian CHR

1995 "Truth and Consequences" -#1 Christian CHR for 2 weeks

Previous release: Not Ashamed (1992)

Watch the music video of "Shine" here:

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