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[He's Coming Back] (1987)

Updated: Feb 9

[He's Coming Back] is the 1987 self-produced debut album by the Australian Christian rock band Newsboys. It is the first of only two albums recorded in Australia.

[He's Coming Back] was available only on cassette tape at their gigs and on tour throughout the eastern Australian states. The track "He Died For You" has to date not been rerecorded for or otherwise released on any subsequent Newsboys album. "Stand Up" is an early version of "Stand Up for Jesus," which later appeared on their second album, Hell Is For Wimps.

[He's Coming Back] and Boys Will Be Boyz are the only piece of Newsboys' work to be recorded in Australia, since they came to the U.S. to record their first album, Read All About It, but returned to Australia to record Boys Will Be Boyz. The tracks featured on this album are different recordings than the ones of the same names in later albums, even though the songs are usually nearly the same. Still, certain songs on this album feature different lyrics than their later re-releases. It is the only album featuring original member George Perdikis on guitar and composing music on all tracks. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Newsboys.

1. He's Coming Back -3:50

2. Listen for the Shout -3:35

3. Stand Up -4:14

4. You're Still There -2:53

5. Victory -4:16

6. It's Joy -3:31

7. Read About It -4:12

8. He Died For You -3:25



John James -lead vocals

Peter Furler -drums

George Perdikis -guitar

Sean Taylor -bass guitar

Listen to the album [He's Coming Back] here:

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