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It's a Dying World (1984)

Updated: Jun 2

It's a Dying World is the fifth studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Steve Camp. It is Camp's final album on Word Records' Myrrh label released in the fall of 1984. Camp produced the entire album himself and it was recorded in the U.K. at Chapel Lane Studios in Hereford, England.

It's a Dying World was recorded in 1983 before Camp signed with Sparrow Records and did not release this album until after Fire and Ice was released in early 1984. Camp recorded an early version of "Light Your Candle." This version used here is the original, as Camp added the line "Let it burn bright in the face of the devil" in the chorus for Fire and Ice. Camp also covers the Mylon LeFevre track "You Comfort Me," which was written by LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key (DeGarmo & Key).

Described by most critics as a "dark album," It's a Dying World is a Christian rock album featuring the U.K. Christian rock group The Barratt Band playing and arranging the album with Camp. The title song was even released to Christian Rock radio but did not chart. After the release of this album and fulfilling his contractual obligation with Word Records, Camp went back to Sparrow Records to record his next album Shake Me to Wake Me. It's a Dying World is not available on CD, but the title song does appear on the Word Records compilation The Definitive Collection in 2007. You can listen to the album posted below this article from YouTube.

Track listing

All songs were written by Steve Camp, except where noted.

1. Holding On to You (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier) -3:46

2. Don't Wanna Be Friends -3:21

3. It's a Dying World -3:51

4. You Comfort Me (Mylon LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:24

5. You Know What's Right (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, Carol Frazier) -3:21

6. Light Your Candle -3:22

7. I Don't Live by Chance -3:27

8. Tongue By a Fire -5:08

9. Can You Sleep Tonight -3:56

10. Man Does Not Live -3:29

Previous release: Fire and Ice (1984)

Listen to the album It's a Dying World here:

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