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Just Because (1976)

Updated: Feb 3

Just Because is the 21st studio album by the Christian music vocal group The Imperials, released in 1976 on Impact/Benson Records. This would be the final album to feature vocalists Sherman Andrus and Terry Blackwood, as the two would go on to form the Christian music duo Andrus, Blackwood and Company and is also the final album they recorded on the Impact/Benson music label as they were signed with Word Records. The group does a cover of Chuck Girard's signature song "Sometimes Alleluia." The Imperials earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Gospel Performance (Other Than Soul Gospel) for Just Because. The album is produced by Phil Johnson.

Track listing

1. Just Because He Loves You (Tim Sheppard) -4:10

2. Jesus Came Into My Life (David Nelson) -2:46

3. Love, It Comes In All Colors (Gary S. Paxton) -2:51

4. Sweet Jesus (C. Coltrane) -4:10

5. He Made My Life Come Together (Phil Johnson, Gary S. Paxton) -5:09

6. He's Coming Back (Tim Sheppard) -3:27

7. He Loves Me So (Phil Johnson) -4:11

8. David's Psalm (C. Coltrane) -4:18

9. Sunny Day (Phil Johnson) -4:03

10. Sometimes Alleluia (Chuck Girard) -3:58


The Imperials:

Armond Morales -bass, vocals

Jim Murray -tenor, vocals

Terry Blackwood -baritone, lead vocals

Sherman Andrus -baritone, lead vocals

Previous release: No Shortage (1975)

Next release: Sail On (1977)

Listen to Just Because here:

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