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Kathy Troccoli (1994)

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Kathy Troccoli is the fifth self-titled studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Kathy Troccoli, released on June 15, 1994 by Reunion Records and RCA Records.

The follow-up album to 1991's Pure Attraction, the album continues Troccoli's balance of mainstream and Christian pop songs. Prolific pop songwriter Diane Warren, responsible for Troccoli's 1992 hit "Everything Changes," returns with the lead single "Tell Me Where It Hurts." The song was worked on mainstream pop radio while "My Life Is In Your Hands" was released to Christian radio as its lead single.

Troccoli covers two songs: "Never My Love," recorded by both The Association (1967 #2 Billboard Hot 100) and The Fifth Dimension (1972 #12 Billboard Hot 100, #1 Billboard AC) and "Takin' a Chance" by Whitney Houston, which is one of the bonus tracks found on the Japanese edition of her 1990 album I'm Your Baby Tonight. Additional music videos were made for "My Life Is In Your Hands" and "Mission of Love." Ric Wake, who produced Pure Attraction, produced the only track "Takin' a Chance" with other tracks produced by various producers including Michael Omartian, Keith Thomas, Peter Bunetta and Rick Chudacoff.

Kathy Troccoli peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. In 1995, Troccoli was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year and Song of the Year for "My Life Is In Your Hands" at the 26th GMA Dove Awards.

Track listing

1. Just You (Kathy Troccoli, Bill Montvilo) -4:32

2. Tell Me Where It Hurts (Diane Warren) -4:01

3. If I'm Not in Love (Dawn Thomas) -3:47

4. I'll Be There (For You) (Kathy Troccoli, Irmgard Klarmann, Felix Weber) -4:36

5. All of My Life (Kathy Troccoli, Michael Omartian) -4:29

6. Takin' a Chance (Whitney Houston, BeBe Winans, Keith Thomas) -3:38

7. Mission of Love (Kathy Troccoli, Christian James, George McFarlane, Ray St. John) -4:35

8. Never My Love (Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi) -4:12

9. Fallin' (Kathy Troccoli, Michael Omartian) -4:10

10. My Life Is In Your Hands (Kathy Troccoli, Bill Montvilo) -4:38

Production credits

Michael Omartian -producer (tracks 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10)

Peter Bunetta and Rick Chudacoff -producers (tracks 1, 3 and 8)

Keith Thomas -producer (track 2)

Ric Wake -producer (track 6)

Radio singles

1994 "Tell Me Where It Hurts" -#88 Billboard Hot 100, #16 Billboard AC

1994 "My Life Is In Your Hands" -#24 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

1994 "Mission of Love" -#2 Christian CHR, #4 Christian AC

1994 "If I'm Not in Love" -#22 Billboard AC

1995 "I'll Be There (For You)" -#2 Christian CHR

Previous release: Pure Attraction (1991)

Watch the playlist of music videos from Kathy Troccoli here:

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