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Limelight (1986)

Updated: Mar 1

Limelight is a 1986 live album and concert video by Christian musician Steve Taylor on Sparrow Records. It was recorded at the Greenbelt Festival in Castle Ashby, England in the summer of 1985 and produced by Taylor and Keith Bessey. On the LP and cassette tape versions, Taylor, with his musician band mates credited as "Some Band," performed seven songs from his three previous releases and performed a duet with Scottish Christian singer and Sparrow label mate Sheila Walsh on the track "Not Gonna Fall Away." The song was a featured track originally released as a studio EP entitled Trans-Atlantic Remixes, also featuring one track each by the two artists.

The concert video of Limelight features additional performances that are not found in the live album. In 1987, Taylor was the first recipient of a new Dove Awards category, winning Long Form Music Video of the Year at the 18th GMA Dove Awards. Limelight has never been released on CD nor released digitally. The live tracks of "We Don't Need No Colour Code" and "You Don't Owe Me Nothing" are available in the 1994 2-CD retrospective compilation box set Now the Truth Can Be Told. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Steve Taylor, except where noted.

1. This Disco (Used to Be a Cute Cathedral) -3:10

2. I Want to Be a Clone -3:02

3. You Don't Owe Me Nothing -3:28

4. On the Fritz -3:21

5. We Don't Need No Colour Code -3:16

6. Whatever Happened to Sin? -3:29

7. Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's) -4:05

8. Not Gonna Fall Away (duet with Sheila Walsh) (David Edwards) -3:15


Dove Award -Long Form Music Video of the Year (Limelight)

Previous release: On the Fritz (1985)

Next release: I Predict 1990 (1987)

Listen to the live album Limelight here:

Watch the concert video of Limelight here:

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