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Lord of the Past: A Compilation (1989)

Lord of the Past: A Compilation is an official compilation album by Christian singer - songwriter Bob Bennett. It was released in late 1989 on Urgent Records.

This collection features 11 of Bennett's best songs from his first three albums,

First Things First, Matters of the Heart and Non-Fiction, plus four new tracks. The title song, "Lord of the Past," was released as the lead single and by early 1990 topped the Christian AC chart, giving Bennett his first (and only) number one song. The other new track and the highlight, "Man of the Tombs," is a story-song Bennett wrote about the Gadarene demoniac who was freed by Jesus and vividly portrays how his story can be similar to our own, how people can be free from sin. Jonathan David Brown produced, recorded and mixed the four new tracks, as well as the previous tracks. Lord of the Past debuted and peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart in April 1990.

In 1991, Urgent Records reissued Lord of the Past with distribution by Benson Music. The album is out of print and so far, it is the only album from Bennett's music catalog that is not available digitally. I compiled a playlist of this album from YouTube and it is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Bob Bennett, except where noted.

(from First Things First - track 1 -3)

1. Carpenter Gone Bad? -3:33

2. My Redeemer Live (Samuel Medley, John Hatten; arranged by Bob Bennett)


3. You're Welcome Here -3:32

(from Matters of the Heart - tracks 4 -9)

4. Matters of the Heart -3:34

5. 1951 (Bob Bennett, John Fowler, Michael Aguilar) -3:10

6. A Song About Baseball -3:24

7. Madness Dancing -3:20

8. Come and See (Bob Bennett, Michael Aguilar) -2:53

9. Mountain Cathedrals -4:57

(from Non-Fiction - tracks 10 and 11)

10. Saviour of the World (Bob Bennett, Michael Aguilar) -5:45

11. Still Rolls the Stone -4:51

(new recordings - tracks 12 -15)

12. Yours Alone (Bob Bennett, Roby Duke) -3:43

13. Psalm 149: 1 -4 -4:53

14. Man of the Tombs -5:53

15. Lord of the Past -5:19

All tracks were produced by Jonathan David Brown.

Radio singles

1989 -1990 "Lord of the Past" -#1 Christian AC for 2 weeks

1990 "Yours Alone" -#21 Christian CHR, #6 Christian AC

1990 "Man of the Tombs" -#34 Christian AC

Previous release: Non-Fiction (1985)

Next release: Songs from Bright Avenue (1991)

Listen to the Lord of the Past playlist here:

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