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Mi Corazón (2001)

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Mi Corazón (My Heart) is the fifth studio and second Spanish language album by Christian/Latina pop singer Jaci Velasquez, released on May 8, 2001 by Sony Discos/Sony Music International.

The album is produced by various producers that include Rudy Pérez, Mark Heimermann and Emilio Estefan (Gloria Estefan's husband) among others. The lead single "Cómo Se Cura Una Herida (How Can a Wound Be Healed)" topped the Billboard's Hot Latin Songs and Latin Pop Airplay charts. The song is in two versions: the Latin Pop version that starts the album and a Ranchera version that ends the album. The second single "Vida Mía (My Life)" is a duet with the Latin salsa group Son by Four. The album also contains a Spanish language version of the Crystal Clear track "You Don't Miss a Thing" translated as "Pensando en Mí (Thinking About Me)."

Mi Corazón peaked at number 5 on the Latin Pop Albums, number 7 on the Top Latin Albums and number 24 on the Top Christian Albums charts in Billboard magazine. The album was certified Gold and Platinum simultaneously two months after it was released by the Recording Industry Association of America.

In 2002, Mi Corazón won the Dove Award for Spanish Language Album of the Year at the 33rd GMA Dove Awards, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album at the 44th Grammy Awards and was nominated for Favorite Latin Artist at the 2002 American Music Awards.

Track listing

1. Cómo Se Cura Una Herida (Rudy Pérez, Jorge Luis Piloto) -4:30

2. Bendito Amor (Emilio Estefan, Gian Marco) -3:59

3. Lo Que Nunca Cambiaría (Emilio Estefan, Jon Secada, Nicolás Tovar, Randall M. Barlow) -3:37

4. Fuego De Amor (Alejandro Jaén, Alejandro Bassi) -4:12

5. Dueño De Mi Corazón (Mark Heimermann, Javier Solís, Barry Graul, Nate Sallie)


6. Sin Ti No Puedo Vivir (Tony Mardini, Ricardo Gaitan, Alberto Gaitán, Archie Peña) -3:45

7. Invierno De Mi Ser (Desmond Child, Manuel López) -4:18

8. Esta Vez (Jose Miguel Velasquez) -3:52

9. Vida Mía (featuring Son by Four) (Lewis Martineé, Carlos Javier Montes) -4:34

10. Déjame Quererte Para Siempre (Rudy Pérez, Wayne Kirkpatrick, John Bettis)


11. Pensando En Mí (Mark Heimermann, Brad Ford, Shannon Ford, Javier Solís, Nick Gonzales) -4:09

12. Vaya con Dios (Mark Heimermann, Nate Sallie) -3:22

13. Cómo Se Cura Una Herida (Ranchera Version) -4:31

Gold and Platinum certified in 2001.

Production credits

Rudy Pérez -producer (tracks 1, 10 and 13)

Emilio Estefan -producer (tracks 2, 3, 6 and 8)

Freddy Piñero, Jr -co-producer (tracks 2 and 3)

Alejandro Jaén -producer (track 4)

Mark Heimermann -producer (tracks 5, 11 and 12)

Ricardo Gaitan, Alberto Gaitán, Archie Peña -co-producers (track 6)

Desmond Child -producer (track 7)

Jose Miguel Velasquez -co-producer (track 8)

Lewis Martineé -producer (track 9)


Dove Award -Spanish Language Album of the Year (Mi Corazón)

Radio singles

2001 "Cómo Se Cura Una Herida" -#1 Billboard Hot Latin Songs, #1 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay

2002 "Dejame Quererte Para Siempre" -#34 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay

Previous release: Crystal Clear (2000)

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