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One on One (1986)

Updated: Feb 5

One on One is the seventh studio album by Christian singer - songwriter

Steve Camp, released in the fall of 1986 on Sparrow Records. The album is produced and arranged by Camp and John Rosasco.

One on One is a thematic album that deals with righteousness and theology with only nine tracks. Songs include the lead single "He Covers Me," which is a testimony to God's mercy. The song was a big hit on the Christian AC chart where it was number one there for 10 weeks, his best song since "Run to the Battle." The title song features a duet with new Sparrow recording artist Margaret Becker, which they wrote together. Becker also co-wrote the track "Cheap Grace," which was inspired by the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Singer - songwriter Ashley Cleveland co-wrote the track "Threshing Floor." Camp also recorded his own version of "He's All You Need," originally recorded by Camp's co-writer Rob Frazier on his 1984 debut album Cut It Away. One on One peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Foolish Things (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier) -4:04

2. The Other Side of the World (Steve Camp) -4:40

3. Judgment Begins With the House of God (Steve Camp) -3:42

4. One on One (duet with Margaret Becker) (Steve Camp, Margaret Becker) -4:35

5. He Covers Me (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, John Rosasco) -4:48

6. Cheap Grace (Steve Camp, Margaret Becker, Phil Maderia) -5:10

7. Mr. Brokenhearted (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, John Rosasco) -4:53

8. Threshing Floor (Steve Camp, Ashley Cleveland) -4:54

9. He's All You Need (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier) -5:04

Radio singles

1986 "He Covers Me" -#3 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC for 10 weeks

1987 "Foolish Things" -#4 Christian CHR, #37 Christian AC

1987 "One on One" (with Margaret Becker) -#10 Christian CHR

1987 "He's All You Need" -#10 Christian AC

Previous release: Shake Me to Wake Me (1985)

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