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Only the Very Best (1983)

Only the Very Best is a compilation album by Christian singer - songwriter Steve Camp, released in late 1983 on Myrrh/Word Records. It is a collection of songs (mostly ballads) from his first three albums on the Myrrh label just as Camp was preparing to sign with Sparrow Records. The title song is the only new track recorded for this compilation album. Only the Very Best is not available on CD.

Track listing

All songs were written by Steve Camp, except where noted.

1. Run to the Battle (from For Every Man) -3:42

2. Only the Very Best (Keith Thomas, Claire Cloninger, Russ Hollingsworth)

(new recording) -3:27

3. Song for Mom (from Sayin' It With Love) -4:49

4. Under His Love (Steve Camp, Larry Norman) (from Start Believin') -3:37

5. Bobby (from Start Believin') -5:20

6. Ambassador in Chains (from Start Believin') -3:52

7. Jesus Drawing Me (from For Every Man) -4:10

8. Gather in His Name (from Sayin' It With Love) -2:57

9. Farther and Higher (Keith Thomas) (from For Every Man) -3:15

10. Strong Love, Strange Peace With Diamonds (Larry Norman) (from Sayin' It

With Love) -4:55

Production credits

Keith Thomas -producer (tracks 1, 2, 7 and 9)

Morris "Butch" Stewart -producer (tracks 4 -6)

Steve Camp -producer (tracks 3, 8 and 10)

Radio singles

1984 "Only the Very Best" -#11 Christian AC/CHR

Previous release: For Every Man (1981)

Next release: Fire and Ice (1984)

Listen to the playlist Only the Very Best here:

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