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Songs From the Loft (1993)

Updated: Jun 28

Songs from the Loft is a various artists compilation album released on September 20, 1993 by Reunion Records and, at the time, distributed by Word Records. The album is produced by Gary Chapman and Jim Dineen with Chapman's then-wife Amy Grant and her current manager Jennifer Cooke serving as executive producers.

Songs from the Loft started as a project for Amy and Gary as they gathered teenagers and youth in their barn for these youth group-style meetings and sang simple worship songs. Grant recorded the track "Hope Set High" on her 1991 album Heart in Motion and dedicated it to the youth group that attends their meetings. On this album, Grant wrote the ten tracks, including "Hope Set High," along with CCM artist and songwriter Wes King co-writing on four of them, with "We Believe in God" as the lead single. Other artists participating are Chapman, King, CCM-TV host Amy Delanie, Michael W. Smith, Ashley Cleveland, Grant's back-up singer Donna McElroy, Susan Ashton, Kim Hill and Michael James.

The album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart and in 1994, won the Dove Award for Praise and Worship Album of the Year, given to the participating artists and producers Chapman and Dineen at the 25th GMA Dove Awards. "We Believe in God," written by Grant and King, was nominated twice for Song of the Year in 1994 and 1995. In 2015, Grant revisited Songs from the Loft with the release of a limited edition extended play (EP) featuring seven tracks and was sold exclusively at a weekend event at her farm and later at her website After more than 30 years since its original release, Song from the Loft is now available for the first time on music streaming platforms and for digital download purchasing on March 22, 2024 by way of Amy Grant Productions.

Track listings

All songs were written by Amy Grant, except where noted.

1. What We Came Here For (Michael W. Smith) -2:29

2. I Got the Want To (Donna McElroy) -2:42

3. Seek First (Susan Ashton) (Amy Grant, Wes King) -2:26

4. Joy! (Wes King) -3:02

5. Where Do I Go? (Ashley Cleveland and Gary Chapman) -3:21

6. Salt and Light (Amy Delaine) (Amy Grant, Wes King) -2:14

7. How Do You Know (Kim Hill) -1:47

8. We Come to Praise (Michael James) (Gary Chapman, Beverly Darnall, John

Darnall) -4:11

9. We Believe in God (Amy Grant) (Amy Grant, Wes King) -3:42

10. Hope Set High (Gary Chapman) -3:24

11. Hey Now (Amy Grant) (Amy Grant, Wes King) -4:22


Dove Award -Praise and Worship Album of the Year (Songs from the Loft,

awarded to Gary Chapman, Jim Lineen and the participating artists)

Radio singles

1993 "We Believe in God" by Amy Grant -#1 Christian AC

1994 "Where Do I Go?" by Ashley Cleveland and Gary Chapman -#4 Christian

CHR, #6 Christian AC

1994 "Seek First" by Susan Ashton -#7 Christian AC

1994 "Hey Now" by Amy Grant -#8 Christian AC

In 1994, Songs from the Loft was released to the Christian Hispanic market as Canciones de lo Alto del Granero (translated as Songs from the Top of the Barn) and it features the same track order but sung in Spanish. Artists singing on this project are Steve Green, Reneé Garcia, Luis Enrique, Susana Allen, Paco Espinoza,

Alas De Águila, Rene Gonzalez, Torre Fuerte, Michele y Becky Baron, Ruth Ríos and

Miguel Cassina. A YouTube link is available to listen to and is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. Nuestra Motivación (Luis Enrique) -2:29

2. Yo Quiero Hacerlo (Reneé Garcia) -2:42

3. Busca Primero (Susana Allen) -2:26

4. Me Siento Bien (Paco Espinoza) -3:02

5. A Donde Iré (Alas De Águila) -3:21

6. Sal Y Lúz (Rene Gonzalez) -2:14

7. Como Saber (Torre Fuerte) -1:47

8. Hoy Te Alabamos (Steve Green) -4:11

9. Tengo Fe En Dios (Michele y Becky Baron) -3:42

10. Mi Fe Está Puesta En Tí (Ruth Ríos) -3:24

11. Ahora (Miguel Cassina) -4:22

Listen to the album Canciones de lo Alto del Granero here:

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