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The Best of the Early Years (1997)

The Best of the Early Years is a 1997 compilation album of Christian singer -songwriter Carman. Released on the Harmony Records label, this collection contains 12 of his best tracks from his two early 1980s releases, Some-O-Dat

and Sunday's On the Way. Both albums were reissued on CD in the early 1990s by Word Records but both, as well as this collection, have all since been out of print.

A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Carman Licciardello, except where noted.

1. Bethlehem (from Some-O-Dat) -2:55

2. Overcoming Child (from Some-O-Dat) -3:08

3. Some-O-Dat (from Some-O-Dat) -3:15

4. Washed in the Blood (from Some-O-Dat) -3:44

5. God, God, God (from Some-O-Dat) -3:45

6. The Well (from Sunday's On the Way) -4:15

7. Yahweh (Carman Licciardello, Gloria Gaither) (from Sunday's On the

Way) -3:44

8. Sunday's On the Way (from Sunday's On the Way) -5:50

9. We Have Come to Worship Him (from Sunday's On the Way) -3:12

10. God Don't Care (What the Circumstance) (from Sunday's On the Way)


11. His Name is Life (Carman Licciardello, Bill and Gloria Gaither) (from

Sunday's On the Way) -5:30

12. Temptation Boogie (from Sunday's On the Way) -4:29

Production credits

Michael Lloyd -producer (tracks 1 -5)

Turley Richards -producer (tracks 6 -12)

Next release: I Surrender All: 30 Classic Hymns (1997)

Listen to the playlist The Best of the Early Years here:

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