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The Definitive Collection (2007)

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The Definitive Collection is a 2007 compilation album of Christian singer -songwriter Kim Boyce. Released by Word Records as part of the Word Artists' Definitive Collection series, it features ten songs from her first four albums on the Myrrh Records label.

Track listing

1. Darkened Hearts (Kim Boyce, Tom Hemby) (from Kim Boyce) -3:59

2. For Every Lonely Heart (Claire Cloninger, Phil Sillas) (from Love Is You to Me) -4:02

3. Here (Tim Miner) (from Kim Boyce) -4:45

4. It Always Comes Back to You (Blue Weaver) (from Love Is You to Me) -4:06

5. Not For Me (Kim Boyce, Jimmie Lee Sloas) (from Time and Again) -4:05

6. Love Is You to Me (duet with The Imperials) (Kim Boyce, Jimmie Lee Sloas)

(from Love Is You to Me) -3:37

7. You Can Be Mine (Kim Boyce, George Cocchino) (from Time and Again) -4:41

8. How Will They Remember? (Kim Boyce, Tom Hemby) (from Kim Boyce) -4:42

9. You're Always There (Kim Boyce, Susan Allanson) (from Time and Again) -4:00

10. Good Enough (Tim Miner, Bernard Wright) (from This I Know) -3:42

Production credits

Brian Tankersley -producer (tracks 1 -9)

Tim Miner -producer (track 10)

Previous release: As I Am (1997)

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