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Threads (1997)

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Threads is the seventh and final studio album by the Christian rock band Geoff Moore & The Distance, released on September 23, 1997 by ForeFront Records.

This is the final album to feature Moore's touring band The Distance. The Distance got more involved in the studio as well as writing songs and music. Moore co-produced the album with Brent Milligan and Tedd T. Radio singles were released including a cover of The Who's "I'm Free" (from Tommy) to Christian Rock and "Only a Fool" to Christian AC and Christian CHR. "Only a Fool" would give the band their final number one song on the Christian CHR chart. Toby McKeehan of DC Talk (Moore's label mate) provides guest vocals and co-wrote the title song with Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman. Threads earned them their fourth and final Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album. The album debuted and peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

In 1998 after more than ten years with The Distance and a "farewell tour," Moore decided to disband the group and resume his solo career.

NOTE: on the back cover of the CD, it only lists 10 tracks but there is an eleventh track, a cover of Sly & The Family Stone's 1969 hit "Stand" (#22 Billboard Hot 100,

#14 Billboard R&B).

Track listing

All songs were written by Geoff Moore & The Distance, except where noted.

1. I'm Free (Pete Townshend) -3:54

2. The In Betweens -4:22

3. Desperate Man -3:44

4. Only a Fool -5:39

5. Running to You (Geoff Moore, Brent Milligan) -4:44

6. Threads (featuring Toby McKeehan) (Geoff Moore, Toby McKeehan, Steven

Curtis Chapman) -3:54

7. Declaration -(Geoff Moore & The Distance, Michael Quinlin) -4:17

8. No Need to Explain -5:11

9. Scattering -3:43

10. The Letter (Geoff Moore, Joel McCreight) -3:52

11. Stand (Sylvester Stewart) -3:49


Geoff Moore & The Distance:

Geoff Moore -lead vocals, backing vocals

Joel McCreight -guitar, backing vocals

Gary Mullet -bass guitar

Chuck Conner -drums

Geof Barkley -keyboards, backing vocals

Radio singles

1997 "Only a Fool" -#1 Christian CHR, #19 Christian AC

1998 "Threads" featuring Toby McKeehan -#2 Christian CHR, #2 Christian AC

1998 "The In Betweens" -#11 Christian CHR, #6 Christian AC

1998 "Declaration" -#16 Christian CHR

Next release: Geoff Moore (1999)

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