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Unseen Power (1991)

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Unseen Power is the thirteenth studio album by the Christian rock band Petra, released in November 1991 on DaySpring/Word Records. The album is produced by John and Dino Elefante.

Despite the fall 1991 release, the radio singles in both Rock and AC/CHR did not start rolling out until the beginning of 1992. Petra was still coming off the success of their 1990 album Beyond Belief. Bob Hartman has stated that he and the producers, the Elefante brothers, intentionally chose to move in directions they were not instinctively inclined to go. Their arena rock sound continues in songs like "Destiny," "Who's On the Lord's Side" and "Ready, Willing and Able." The song "Dance" features members of the Christian hard rock band Guardian singing backing vocals, giving it a Guns-n-Roses sound and "Hand On My Heart" is a slow ballad with an R&B feel.

Unseen Power topped the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. In 1993, Petra won their second Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album at the 35th Grammy Awards and their rock song "Destiny" won Rock Recorded Song of the Year at the 24th GMA Dove Awards. Petra also released a companion video on VHS called Petra - Backstage Pass featuring music videos from the Unseen Power album as well as behind the scenes access with the band.

Track listing

All songs were written by Bob Hartman, except where noted.

1. Destiny (Bob Hartman, John Elefante) -4:32

2. Who's On the Lord's Side (Rev. Timothy Wright) -3:54

3. Ready, Willing and Able -4:12

4. Hand On My Heart (Bob Hartman, John Elefante) -4:27

5. I Need to Hear from You -4:05

6. Dance (Bob Hartman, John Elefante) -3:46

7. Secret Weapon (Bob Hartman, John Elefante) -4:02

8. Sight Unseen -3:58

9. Hey World -3:52

10. In the Likeness of You -4:15



Bob Hartman -lead guitar, arrangements

John Schlitt -lead vocals, backing vocals

Ronny Cates -bass guitar

John Lawry -keyboards, arrangements

Louie Weaver -drums


Grammy Award -Best Rock Gospel Album (Unseen Power)

Dove Award -Rock Recorded Song of the Year ("Destiny")

Radio singles

"I Need to Hear from You" -#1 Christian CHR, #14 Christian AC

"In the Likeness of You" -#3 Christian CHR, #4 Christian AC

"Hand On My Heart" -#1 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

"Who's On the Lord's Side" -#23 Christian CHR

Previous release: Beyond Belief (1990)

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