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Voices (1987)

Voices is a 1987 various artists compilation music sampler album released by Myrrh/Word Records. The album features known and unknown CCM artists. Some of the known Christian music artists include Bryan Duncan, Kim Boyce, Benny Hester, Matthew Ward and Bob Carlisle. Carlisle, at the time, was the lead singer of the Christian Rock band Allies before embarking on his solo career in the 1990s and contributed two solo tracks. Four of the tracks were released to Christian radio as singles. Producers Mike Mierau and Rick Thomson described the album they wrote on the back album cover:

"There are certain singers whose voices are instantly recognizable. The minute you hear them, you know they're one of your favorites. Here on this record are ten new songs by ten great singers. It's a collection of amazing talents offering their voices to God."

Track listing

1. In Your Light (Tata Vega) (Rick Thomson, Bill Batstone, Venecia Evans) -3:53

2. Heaven is Waiting (Bob Carlisle) (Rick Thomson, Randy Thomas) -4:29

3. Come As You Are (Bryan Duncan) (Mike Mierau, Rick Thomson, Chaye McCrary) -4:35

4. Light of the World (Matthew Ward) (Mike Mierau, Rick Thomson, Chaye McCrary, Randy Thomas, John Andrew Schreiner) -4:31

5. In Your Presence (Howard McCrary) (James Raymond, Michael Hodge) -4:26

6. Helpless (Kim Boyce and John Elefante) (John Elefante, Dino Elefante) -3:23

7. Heaven Must Have Sent You (Rick Riso) (Rick Thomson, Randy Thomas) -3:48

8. Teach Me How (Bob Carlisle) (Michael Hodge) -4:29

9. Then You Call My Name (Benny Hester) (Benny Hester, James Raymond,

Randy Thomas) -3:21

10. Lift Up My Voice (Tommy Funderburk) (Shelley Treya) -4:17

Production credits

Mike Mierau and Rick Thomson -producers (tracks 1 -5, 7 -10)

John Elefante -producer (track 6)

Radio singles

1987 "Come As You Are" by Bryan Duncan -#15 Christian AC

1987 "Light of the World" by Matthew Ward -#6 Christian CHR, #38 Christian AC

1987 "Lift Up My Voice" by Tommy Funderburk -#10 Christian AC

1987 "Helpless" by Kim Boyce and John Elefante -#6 Christian CHR

Listen to the music sampler album Voices here:

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