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Benny... (1972)

Updated: May 30

Benny... is the debut album by American singer - songwriter Benny Hester. It was originally released in 1972 on the Vegas Music International label. The album was recorded at United Recording Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada and produced by Brent Maher. It features Elvis Presley's rhythm section The TCB Band playing on Benny...

According to Wikipedia about the album, "the finished masters and packaged albums, ready for record company distribution, were lost in the studio and warehouse fire that destroyed United Recording Studios. Hester's first album was never released. Only a few albums survived the fire, ending up in the hands of collectors."

In 2016, Benny... was released as a digitally remastered version making it available commercially for the first time on CD and on digital and streaming formats, courtesy of Benny Hester Music and Moraine Records. A track from the album "No the End Is Not Near" was released as a teaser single in advance of the re-released album.

Track listing

All songs were written by Benny Hester, except where noted.

1. Give Your Love Forever -2:27

2. No the End Is Not Near -3:12

3. Love Never Dies -2:39

4. The Bridge -2:32

5. We All Know He's Comin' -4:49

6. The Painter -3:38

7. Malcombe (Benny Hester, Jim Staton) -2:09

8. What's Happened to My Friends -2:12

9. Please Let This Be So -3:11

10. Genevieve -2:11

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