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Child of the Father (1978)

Child of the Father is the debut album by Christian singer - songwriter Paul Smith. It was released independently in 1978, on the Eagle Wing Productions label and produced by Robert Sterling. The album was recorded while he was a student at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Smith wrote seven out of the nine songs, with "Singing Through the Rain" written by Tim Sheppard and "Now I See the Man" written by Chris Christian.

Track listing

All songs were written by Paul Smith, except where noted.

1. Yes, I Know -4:31

2. Singing Through the Rain (Tim Sheppard) -3:15

3. Before I Knew -4:20

4. Child of the Father -3:25

5. One More Day -5:36

6. Now I See the Man (Chris Christian) -3:05

7. Lonely People Serenade -5:56

8. Let There Still Be Love -3:40

9. Always -4:15

Next release: Free Man (1979)

Listen to Child of the Father here:

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