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Rebecca St. James: Extended Play Remixes (1995)

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Rebecca St. James: Extended Play Remixes is a five-song extended play by Australian Christian singer - songwriter Rebecca St. James, released on July 20, 1995 by ForeFront Records. Released as part of the record label's "Extended Play Remixes" series featuring ForeFront recording artists and their remixed songs. The EP contains remixes of three songs from her first ForeFront release Rebecca St. James, including three remixes of "Side by Side." St. James also released her first music video for "Side by Side."

Track listing

1. Side by Side (Brothers Keeper Extended Mix) (Eddie DeGarmo, Bob Farrell) -6:55

2. Side by Side (Trance Phonix Mix) –5:39

3. Side By Side (Youtherial Mix) –3:58

4. We Don't Need It (9070 Classic Mix) (Rebecca St. James, Bill Deaton, Blair Masters) –4:50

5. Everything I Do (Down Under Dub) (Rebecca St. James, Mike Demus, Connie Harrington) –5:50

Production credits

Bill Deaton -producer (all original tracks from Rebecca St. James)

Tedd T. -remixer (tracks 1 and 4)

Chuck Zwicky -remixer (tracks 2 and 3)

Michael (MBL) Linney -remixer (track 5)

Previous release: Rebecca St. James (1994)

Next release: God (1996)

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