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First Call (1996)

Updated: Jun 15

First Call is the ninth studio album by First Call, released on August 6, 1996. It is the second and final album on the Warner Bros. Christian/Gospel label Warner Alliance. The duo of Marty McCall and Bonnie Keen co-produced the album with Darrell Brown and two tracks with co-production by Cheryl Rogers.

It is their sixth non-holiday album and the second album consisting of McCall and Keen as a duo. The album reflects the other side of healing; the pain is fading and it's time to move forward. The opening track and lead single, "Let the Healing Begin," sets the tone for the album and features guest artists like Veritas on "The Prize," Michael McDonald and Amy Holland on "Will I Find Love" and the R&B a capella vocal group Take 6 on "Sunrise on Ararat." First Call also released the album in Spanish entitled Comienza A Sanar, which is translated as the opening track "Let the Healing Begin" with the same track listing as in the English album and a different album cover.

In 1997 after the release of First Call, although the duo did not officially break up,

McCall and Keen each pursued solo projects and other ministry opportunities. McCall released his solo effort Images of Faith (1997) on Warner Alliance and Keen released Marked for Life (1999) on Spring Hill Records.

Track listing

1. Let the Healing Begin (Lowell Alexander, Cheryl Rogers) -4:50

2. The Prize (guest vocals by Veritas) (Bonnie Keen, Darrell Brown, David

Battheu) -4:25)

3. Will I Find Love (guest vocals by Michael McDonald and Amy Holland)

(Bonnie Keen, Marty and Vickie McCall) -5:44

4. Selah (Bonnie Keen, Lowell Alexander) -5:15

5. This Side of Paradise (Bonnie Keen, Tori Taff) -5:11

6. You'll Be There (Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall, Keith Thomas) -4:14

7. I Find You (Bonnie Keen, Lowell Alexander) -4:22

8. Sunrise on Ararat (guest vocals by Take 6) (Marty McCall, Darrell Brown,

David Battheu) -4:02

9. Shadow of the Cross (Bonnie Keen, Lowell Alexander, Darrell Brown) -4:19

10. Breath of God (Marty and Vickie McCall, J.D. Lawtum) -3:52


First Call:

Marty McCall -vocals

Bonnie Keen -vocals

Production credits

First Call -producers (all tracks)

Darrell Brown -producer (tracks 1 -5, 7 -10)

Cheryl Rogers -producer (tracks 1 and 6)

Radio singles

1996 "Let the Healing Begin" -#4 Christian AC

1996 "Will I Find Love" -#34 Christian AC

1997 "This Side of Paradise" -#33 Christian AC

Previous release: Beyond December (1995)

Watch the music video of "Will I Find Love" here:

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