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La Razón De Cantar (1994)

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

La Razón De Cantar is a 1994 Spanish language album by the Christian music vocal group First Call on Myrrh/Word Records. The title of the album is translated as "The Reason We Sing," which is one of the ten selected songs that the group has picked to perform in Spanish from their catalog with Dan Posthuma and Autoro Allen serving as executive producers. The songs were translated by Allen, David Coyotl, Alejandro Allen, Susana Allen and Claudia Symonds. The album is focused on targeting the Latin American market.

Track listing

1. Tiempo (Someday) (Marty and Vickie McCall, Keith Thomas) -4:26

2. Siempre Regresaré A Ti (I Will Always Come Back to You) (Bonnie Keen, Marabeth Jordan, Michael Omartian, Michael Dan Emhig) -4:11

3. El Señor (Lord of All) (Phil McHugh) -5:02

4. La Razón De Cantar (The Reason We Sing) (Dick and Melodie Tunney) -3:40

5. Pruebas De Su Amor (Evidence of Love) (Bonnie Keen, Lowell Alexander) -4:35

6. O Sifuni Mungu (Marty McCall, David Maddux, Asukulu 'Yunu Mukalay, Mmunga Mwenebulongo Mulongoy) -4:09

7. Gracias Dios (Thank You Lord) (Bonnie Keen, Darrell Brown, David Battheu) -4:37

8. Me Ha Perdonado (Forgiven) (Michael Omartian, Bruce Hibbard, Hadley Hockensmith) -4:14

9. Me Amas (Sweet Love) (Bonnie and Dan Keen, Keith Thomas, Mark Hammond) -4:18

10. Somos Uno (Undivided) (Melodie Tunney) -4:18


First Call:

Marty McCall -vocals

Bonnie Keen -vocals

Marabeth Jordan -vocals

Production credits

Keith Thomas -producer (tracks 1, 8, 9 and 10)

Neal Jospeh, David Maddux and Dick Tunney -producers (tracks 3, 4 and 6)

Darrell Brown and David Battheu -producers (tracks 5 and 7)

Greg Nelson -producer (track 10)

Michael Omartian -producer (track 2)

First Call -producer (track 7)

Previous release: Sacred Journey (1993)

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