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Notability on Wikipedia

What is "notability" on Wikipedia?

According to Wikipedia, notability in music has to be an artist or group that is notable in a particular genre and deserves to be written in article form. (In other words, what are they famous for?) Artists and groups have to have acclaimed albums, win awards like the Grammys and chart on Billboard and Wikipedia has to have resources like where they got the information from. It has to come from secondary resources such as newspapers and magazines.

But, in Christian music, information like that is limited and scarce. If I do an article in Wikipedia about an album, let's say for example, Sandi Patty's first professional recording album Sandi's Song from 1979. I did an article about this album, but unfortunately, Wikipedia would not accept the article because it was considered "not notable." Articles that are not notable will be deleted. In order for the article to be notable, Sandi's Song has to chart on the Billboard charts and win some awards. I'm afraid the people at Wikipedia do not understand how artists like Sandi Patty got their start in Christian music.

Here at CCM Encyclopedia, there is no notability in the articles and especially in discographies. The articles I write will be from resources taken from Wikipedia. There will be no secondary resources either. The articles I write will be acceptable from me and to me. I don't need Wikipedia to look for those things they mentioned. Too many restrictions. Now I can write articles with ease and just take my time. I hope you enjoy reading about the Christian artists I will post and write about...but without the Wikipedia rules.

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