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Our Family (1993)

Our Family is a compilation album released in 1993 on Everland Entertainment, a Word Records label that specializes in children's music. The project is produced by Brown Bannister with Tommy Sims, Tom Hemby and Wayne Kirkpatrick as co-producers.

It features eight original songs and two covers all dealing with the theme of family sung by the top Christian artists and musicians. This is the third and final album of the trilogy of albums using the word "Our" in the series, preceded by the previous albums Our Hymns (1989) and Our Christmas (1990).

Track listing

1. In a Father's Heart (Kathy Troccoli) (Kathy Troccoli, Bob Farrell, Shane Keister)


2. He Watches Over You (Sandi Patty and BeBe Winans) (Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell) -4:09

3. The Greatest Discovery (Phil Keaggy) (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) -4:19

4. Say a Prayer Tonight (Roberta Flack) (Mark Gersmehl) -3:40

5. Innocent Eyes (Susan Ashton) (Wayne Kirkpatrick, David Martin) -5:22

6. A Mother and a Child (Tommy Sims) (Tommy Sims) -3:05

7. Promise You Anything (Bruce Carroll) (Alan Robertson) -3:37

8. You Can Close Your Eyes (Kim Hill and Brown Bannister) (James Taylor) -2:44

9. Be In Her Eyes (Wayne Watson) (Chris Eaton) -5:07

10. In the Arms of God (Cindy Morgan) (Bob Farrell) -3:53

Production credits

Brown Bannister -producer (all tracks)

Wayne Kirkpatrick -co-producer (tracks 5 and 8)

Tommy Sims -co-producer (track 6)

Tom Hemby -co-producer (track7)

Radio singles

1993 "He Watches Over You" by Sandi Patty and BeBe Winans -#1 Christian AC

1993 "In a Father's Heart" by Kathy Troccoli -#10 Christian AC

1993 "Innocent Eyes" by Susan Ashton -#6 Christian AC

Previous release: Our Christmas (1990)

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