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Pure and Simple (1990)

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Pure and Simple is the third studio album by the Christian rock band Geoff Moore & The Distance. Released in late 1990, it is their first album on the Forefront Records label. Moore and his band continue their heartland rock sound on this album featuring a mix of rock ("One Brand of Truth") and ballads ("Simple Heart").

The band covers the song "Rescue Me" by the Welsh rock band The Alarm. "Rescue Me" was released as the lead single to Christian Rock and Christian CHR, while "Simple Heart" (written by Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman) was released to Christian CHR and Christian AC radio stations. The album was produced by Ron W. Griffin with Moore as co-producer.

Track listing

1. Passionate Man (Geoff Moore, Phil Maderia) -5:29

2. Rescue Me (Eddie McDonald, Michael Peters) -3:51

3. Simple Heart (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -5:00

4. Over Emotional (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Kirk Eberhard) -4:43

5. The Everlasting (Geoff Moore, Phil Maderia) -3:28

6. One Brand of Truth (Geoff Moore, Greg Herrington, Roscue Meek) -4:31

7. Peace (Geoff Moore, David Martin, Dale Oliver) -3:39

8. Reckless Abandon (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver) -5:15

9. Keeping My Eyes on Him (Geoff Moore, Phil Maderia) -4:20

10. The Keeper (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -5:11


Geoff Moore & The Distance:

Geoff Moore -lead vocals

Roscue Meek -guitar

Gary Mullet -bass guitar

Greg Herrington -drums

Geof Barkley -keyboards

Radio singles

1990 -1991 "Rescue Me" -#11 Christian CHR

1990 -1991 "Simple Heart" -#10 Christian CHR, #3 Christian AC

1991 "One Brand of Truth" -#16 Christian CHR

1991 "The Keeper" -#5 Christian AC

1991 "Peace" -#21 Christian CHR, #25 Christian AC

1991 -1992 "More Emotional" -#25 Christian CHR

1991 -1992 "The Everlasting" -#9 Christian AC

Previous release: Foundations (1989)

Next release: A Friend Like U (1992)

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