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Refresh My Heart (1991)

Refresh My Heart is the 1991 debut album by Australian Christian singer - songwriter Rebecca St. James. Recorded when she was thirteen years old, it was released under the name Rebecca Jean on DTS Music and distributed by Word Records Australia. It was reissued in 1997 under her professional name but with a different album cover and no distributor. The album is produced by Beeb Birtles.

Track listing

1. I Am Your Child (Geoff Bullock) -4:48

2. The Rock Medley: -7:13

-The Power of God (Geoff Bullock, Brian Houston)

-God Didn't Give Me A Spirit Of Fear (Chris Falson)

-As The Coming Of The Lord (Rosanna Palmer)

3. Show Your Glory (Geoff Bullock) -4:38

4. Blessing, Honour (Geoff Bullock, David Reidy) -4:25

5. We Will Not Bow To The World (Geoff Bullock, Brian Houston) -3:48

6. Refresh My Heart (Geoff Bullock) -3:25

7. Soul Medley: -7:13

-The Enemy's Defeated (Geoff Bullock, Lucy Fisher)

-I Am Not Ashamed (Geoff Bullock, Brian Houston)

-I Walk By Faith (Chris Falson)

8. Children of the King (Phil Buston) -3:59

9. I Will Lift Up My Voice (Geoff Bullock) -6:38

10. And We Behold Him (Geoff Bullock) -3:08

11. Who Is He (Chris Pringle) -4:58

12. Refresh My Heart (reprise) -0:22

Listen to Refresh My Heart here:

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