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Steps of Faith 1987 - 1991 (1992)

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Steps of Faith 1987 - 1991 is an official compilation album by Christian rock singer -songwriter Margaret Becker, released in 1992 on Sparrow Records. It is a collection of Becker's 11 best known Christian radio singles from her first four studio albums and also features a brand new song "This Love" recorded just for this album. The title of the album is taken from a track, which she recorded for her 1991 album Simple House. The album peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. This Love (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock, Kip Summers) (new recording) -4:26

2. All I Ever Wanted (Margaret Becker) (from Simple House) -4:33

3. This Is My Passion (Margaret Becker) (from Immigrant's Daughter) -4:11

4. Find Me (Margaret Becker) (from The Reckoning) -3:42

5. Look Me In The Eye (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) (from Simple House)


6. The Hunger Stays (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) (from Immigrant's

Daughter) -4:13

7. Never Be An Angel (Margaret Becker, Mark Chessir) (from Simple House)


8. Streets of Innocence (Margaret Becker, David Martin) (from The Reckoning) -3:40

9. Just Come In (Margaret Becker) (from Immigrant's Daughter) -4:31

10. Who Am I (Margaret Becker) (from The Reckoning) -4:54

11. Solomon's Shoes (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) (from Immigrant's

Daughter) -3:17

12. Never for Nothing (Margaret Becker, Ric Blair) (from Never for Nothing)


Production credits

Charlie Peacock -producer (tracks 1 -3, 5 -7, 9 and 11)

Dan Posthuma -producer (tracks 4, 8 and 10)

Billy Smiley -producer (track 12)

Radio singles

1992 "This Love" -#2 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

Previous release: Simple House (1991)

Next release: Soul (1993)

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