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The Legacy of You (2023)

Updated: Mar 30

The Legacy of You is the 20th studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Kathy Troccoli, released first on Troccoli's website on November 27, 2023 and made available publicly on December 1, 2023 on both digital and physical formats. The album consisted of the nine previously released songs that were released as stand-alone tracks within an eighteen month span from her social media posts in 2022 and 2023 on Facebook and YouTube.

In 2022, Troccoli started a series of video blogs entitled Songs & Sparks, in which Troccoli introduces the song and what the song means to her and the sparks are words and thoughts on what the song is about and its inspiration behind it, including some biblical scriptures. The first song she introduced is a cover of the John Lennon-Paul McCartney composition "Blackbird" as recorded by The Beatles, followed by a music video performance of the song. Seven other Songs & Sparks tracks followed periodically either by music video or lyric video. Fans have asked Troccoli to compile them together to make an album featuring those Songs & Sparks songs and one audio track. Troccoli co-wrote some of the tracks with her friends Michelle Margiotta and Nathan DiGesare. The album was released independently by Troccoli's organization the Go Light Your World Foundation.

Track listing

All songs were written by Kathy Troccoli and Michelle Margiotta, except where noted.

1. My Savior Singing -3:02*

2. Be the One -3:53*

3. Romancing My Soul -3:12*

4. The Legacy of You -3:25*

5. Let the Good Things Grow -4:15

6. Heaven Knows (Kathy Troccoli, Nathan DiGesare) -4:10*

7. Finally Free (Kathy Troccoli) -4:12*

8. Blackbird (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) -2:58*

9. Eyes on Me -4:35*

* -indicates a Songs & Sparks track from the video blog series.

Previous release: Better Days (2015)

Watch the audio/visual of The Legacy of You featuring the Songs & Sparks video blog series of music and lyric videos and the audio track "Let the Good Things Grow."

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