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The Praise in Us: A Word Family Praise Album (1984)

Updated: Apr 3

The Praise in Us: A Word Family Praise Album is a Christian compilation album released in 1984 on Myrrh/Word Records. The album is produced by Neal Joseph. It is a collection of uplifting and inspiring songs of worship. The record features a variety of popular Christian artists of the time including Russ Taff, The Imperials, David Meece, and Kathy Troccoli among others, performing a mix contemporary and traditional praise songs. The Praise in Us won the Dove Award for Praise and Worship Album of the Year given to producer Joseph at the 1985 GMA Dove Awards. The album has long been out of print and has never been released on CD. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. Even the Mountains Praise You (Steve Archer) (Neal Joseph, Claire Cloninger) -3:34

2. The Heavens Are Telling (Kathy Troccoli) (Tricia Walker) -3:13

3. Simple Song For A Mighty God (Russ Taff) (Keith Thomas, Claire Cloninger) -3:35

4. Silent Praise (Teri DeSario) (Billy Crockett, Niles Borop) -4:22

5. It's You (David Meece) (Billy Crockett, Kenny Wood) -3:29

6. Praise Him (Joe English) (Dawn Rodgers, Tricia Walker) -4:01

7. The Praise in Us (The Imperials) (Neal Joseph, Claire Cloninger) -3:44

8. Your Servant's Praise (Gordon Jensen) (Gordon Jensen) -3:38

9. When I Hear Your Name (Kelly Nelon Thompson) (Dawn Rodgers) -3:44

10. You Alone (Dave Boyer) (Pete Carlson) -3:09


Dove Award -Praise and Worship Album of the Year (The Praise in Us: A Word Family Praise Album)

Listen to the full-length album The Praise in Us here:

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