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The Prodigal Son (1983)

Updated: Jan 17

The Prodigal Son is the first posthumous album of Christian singer - songwriter Keith Green, released on August 15, 1983 by Pretty Good Records. The album is compiled and produced by Bill Maxwell with Green's widow Melody Green as

assistant producer and was released months after the first posthumous compilation album I Only Want to Take You There was released.

Melody assembled it from unreleased material from recordings from 1977 up to 1983 and features some live intros on a couple of songs. The album features one of his most notable songs, the 12 minute "Prodigal Son Suite," originally written by Green in hopes of completing a full rock opera based on Biblical stories and parables. Another component of that project -- "On the Road to Jericho," telling the story of the Good Samaritan—was released on Green's final posthumous album, Jesus Commands Us to Go! (1984) Musician Harlan Rogers played the piano on the album's final track "Song for Josiah." The Prodigal Son peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart in the spring of 1984.

Track listing

All songs were written by Keith Green, except where noted.

1. Keith talks about Heaven...(live intro)/I Can't Wait to Get to Heaven (Keith and

Melody Green) -4:14

2. Lord I'm Gonna Love You -2:55

3. The Prodigal Son Suite -12:20

4. Keep All That Junk to Yourself (Keith and Melody Green) -3:29

5. Keith shares...(live intro)/Open Your Eyes (Melody Green) -4:43

6. Love With Me (Melody's Song) -3:25

7. Only By Following Jesus (Keith and Melody Green) -3:17

8. Song for Josiah -6:21

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