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The World As Best As I Remember It, Volume Two (1992)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The World As Best As I Remember It, Volume Two is the sixth studio album by Christian singer -songwriter Rich Mullins, released in 1992 on Reunion Records.

It is the second in a two-volume series called The World As Best As I Remember It.

The lead single "Sometimes by Step" is incorporated from "Step by Step" written by Mullins' friend David Strasser, also known by his nickname Beaker from The World As Best As Remember It, Volume One. Both volumes were produced by Reed Arvin. "Sometimes by Step" was nominated for a Dove Award for Song of the Year and Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year in 1993. Like Volume One, Volume Two has a more stripped-back, acoustic feel than his earlier work, with nods to Irish music. Mullins also covers the hymn "All the Way My Savior Leads Me."

Volume Two peaked at number four on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Hello Old Friends (Rich Mullins) -2:11

2. Sometimes by Step (Rich Mullins, David "Beaker" Strasser) -4:54

3. Everyman (Rich Mullins, David "Beaker" Strasser) -5:26

4. The Just Shall Live (Rich Mullins) -4:04

5. Waiting (Rich Mullins, David "Beaker" Strasser) -3:54

6. To Tell Them (Rich Mullins) -3:46

7. The Maker of Noses (Rich Mullins, David "Beaker" Strasser) -4:55

8. What Susan Said (Rich Mullins) -3:18

9. Growing Young (Rich Mullins, David "Beaker" Strasser) -4:20

10. All the Way My Savior Leads Me (Fanny J. Crosby, Robert Lowry) -2:34

11. Sometimes by Step (reprise) -2:36

Radio singles

1992 "Sometimes by Step" -#19 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

1992 "The Just Shall Live" -#3 Christian AC

1992 -1993 "Hello Old Friends" -#18 Christian AC

1993 "Growing Young" -#5 Christian AC

1993 "Everyman" -#11 Christian AC

1993 "The Maker of Noses" -#21 Christian AC

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