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Benny From Here (1985)

Updated: May 30

Benny From Here is the fifth studio album by American singer - songwriter Benny Hester, released on August 5, 1985 by Myrrh/Word Records. The album was produced by Dan Posthuma. It was recorded at five recording studios in California.

Benny From Here was considered another breakthrough album. Hester previously had his first breakthrough in the early 1980s with Nobody Knows Me Like You and its title song. This time with this album, its lead single was the ballad "When God Ran," a modern pop telling of the Prodigal Son and it would be a raving success at Christian radio where it would top the Christian music charts for 13 weeks. "When God Ran" was named as one the 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music by CCM Magazine in 2006, ranking it at number 81. It has been covered by many artists, most notably by Phillips, Craig & Dean, whose version was recorded on their 1999 album Restoration. "When God Ran" was named the number 11 song of the 1980s in Christian music.

Hester and songwriter John Parenti wrote three songs together including "When God Ran." Hester's Christian Rock single "Secret Thoughts" also charted and it too topped that chart, giving him number one songs across the board on the CCM charts on the same week. Other hits followed like "To Fill Our Empty Hearts," "Hold Me" and "Whoever Touches You." Benny From Here peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

NOTE: Rich Mullins composed the music on the track "Marching On," based on "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" with lyrics written by Julia Ward Howe, but set to rock music.

Track listing

1. Secret Thoughts (Benny Hester, John Parenti) -4:44

2. Streets of Las Vegas (Benny Hester) -3:58

3. When God Ran (Benny Hester, John Parenti) -5:04

4. Susie Said, Yeah! (Thom Toler) -3:19

5. To Fill Our Empty Hearts (Benny Hester, Greg Laurie) -4:28

6. Back to Basics (Kyle Henderson, Van Temple) -4:26

7. Can I Get to You From Here (Benny Hester, Niles Borop) -3:49

8. Whoever Touches You (Benny Hester, John Parenti) -3:42

9. Marching On (lyrics by Julia Ward Howe; music by Rich Mullins) -3:24

10. Hold Me (Benny Hester) -4:52

Radio singles

1985 -1986 "When God Ran" -#1 Christian CHR for 13 weeks, #1 Christian AC

for 13 weeks

1986 "Hold Me" -#9 Christian AC

1986 "To Fill Our Empty Hearts" -#6 Christian CHR, #9 Christian AC

Previous release: Legacy (1983)

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