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Through the Window (1987)

Updated: Jun 29

Through the Window is the sixth studio album by American singer - songwriter Benny Hester, released on January 21, 1987 by Myrrh/Word Records. The album was produced by Dan Posthuma.

Released after the success of his previous album Benny From Here containing the Christian number one hit "When God Ran," Through the Window is a deeply introspective album recorded when Hester was going through a divorce from his first wife. Like his 1983 album Legacy, this album was largely forgettable and

ignored. The lead single "Remember Me" did well and reached number two on the Christian radio charts. An Easter song about the robber who said to Jesus when they were crucified "Remember me when you enter into your kingdom" and Jesus replied, "Truly I tell you today, that you will be with me in paradise."

The track featured guest vocals by future alternative country singer Julie Miller. Other artists have contributed songs for the album including Steven Curtis Chapman for writing "Wonderful Invention of Love" and Steve Krikorian (known

professionally as Tonio K.) for writing "It's Over Love." Through the Window peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. This album is currently out of print and is not available digitally. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

NOTE: the tracks "Remember Me" and "Underground River" are the only tracks to appear in the 1988 compilation album Personal Best, which is available on CD and digitally. This is also Hester's final album on the Word label.

Track listing

1. Underground River (Benny Hester, John Parenti) -4:58

2. Cat (Benny Hester, Rick Thompson) -4:18

3. It's Over Love (Steve Krikorian) -3:30

4. Remember Me (guest vocals by Julie Miller) (Benny Hester, John Parenti) -5:14

5. The More I Enter In (Benny Hester, Niles Borop, Dan Posthuma) -4:23

6. Wonderful Invention of Love (Steven Curtis Chapman) -2:58

7. Nothing Else Will Ever Be the Same (Benny Hester, Steve Lorenz, Dan Posthuma)


8. In Visible Silence (Benny Hester) -5:11

9. Long Lost Heaven (Benny Hester, John Parenti, Dan Posthuma) -4:21

10. This Is Me (Benny Hester, Brad Burkhart) -8:28

Radio singles

1987 "Remember Me" -#2 Christian CHR, #2 Christian AC

1987 "The More I Enter In" -#19 Christian AC

1987 "Wonderful Invention of Love" -#36 Christian AC

Previous release: Benny From Here (1985)

Listen to the album Through the Window here:

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