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Brother's Keeper (1995)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Brother's Keeper is the eighth and final studio album by Christian singer -songwriter Rich Mullins, released on August 1, 1995 by Reunion Records.

It is Mullins' final full-length album that he recorded while he was alive. Continuing with The Ragamuffin Band as co-producers, Mullins produced the entire album, the first time that Reed Arvin, his long-time producer, has not been involved in. Ragamuffin Band member Jimmy Abegg designed and illustrated the album cover. Brother's Keeper is filled with songs dedicated to approaching all humanity with unconditional love and acceptance. The wives of the Ragamuffin Band have sung backing vocals on the album including Linda Elias, Julie Strasser and Nicole Lundgren giving the album a family feel.

A music video was made for the title song which serves as the album's second single. It was filmed on location at the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico and Arizona and features Mullins along with David "Beaker" Strasser and Jimmy Abegg playing guitars and some of the local natives from the Reservation. Brother's Keeper peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

All songs were written by Rich Mullins and David "Beaker" Strasser, except where noted.

1. Brother's Keeper -3:16

2. Let Mercy Lead -4:25

3. Hatching of a Heart (Rich Mullins) -4:40

4. Promenade (Rich Mullins) -2:45

5. Wounds of Love -4:38

6. Damascus Road -3:09

7. Eli's Song (Rich Mullins, Lee and Nicole Lundgren) -3:03

8. Cry the Name -5:53

9. The Breaks (Rich Mullins) -4:05

10. Quoting Deuteronomy to the Devil -3:50

Production credits

Rich Mullins, Rick Elias, Lee Lundgren, Jimmy Abegg, Phil Madeira and Aaron Smith -producers (all tracks)

Radio singles

"Let Mercy Lead" -#21 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

"Brother's Keeper" -#4 Christian AC

"Damascus Road" -#21 Christian AC

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Watch the music video of "Brother's Keeper" here:

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