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Candle in the Rain (1987)

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Candle in the Rain is the seventh studio album by Christian singer -songwriter David Meece. This album would be his last on Myrrh Records after more than ten years on the label, released in 1987. Meece once again collaborates with Gino and Joe Vannelli producing five tracks. The Vannelli brothers previously worked with Meece on the two new tracks on his 1986 compilation album Chronology. Brown Bannister and Jonathan David Brown each produced on track and the team of Brian Tankersley and Rhett Lawrence produced two tracks. Meece also made his one and only music video for the first single "All is God's Creation." Candle in the Rain peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. All is God's Creation (Gino Vannelli, Roy Freeland) -3:46

2. Nothing to Forgive (Gino Vannelli, Roy Freeland, Ralph Delph) -4:27

3. God Only Knows (Gino Vannelli, Roy Freeland) -4:55

4. The Water Is Fine (Gino Vannelli, Joe Vannelli) -5:37

5. His Love Is Reaching (David Meece, Gino Vannelli) -3:30

6. Amor Conquesta Todo (Love Conquers All) (David Meece) -4:24

7. Higher Ground (David Meece) -3:41

8. Candle in the Rain (David Meece) -4:18

9. Hold On (David Meece, Jonathan David Brown, Lynn Barrington) -3:54

Production credits

Gino Vannelli and Joe Vannelli -producers (tracks 1 -5)

Brown Bannister -producer (track 6)

Brian Tankersley and Rhett Lawrence -producers (tracks 7 and 8)

Jonathan David Brown -producer (track 9)

Radio singles

1987 "All is God's Creation" -#2 Christian CHR, #3 Christian AC

1987 "Candle in the Rain" -#2 Christian CHR, #2 Christian AC

1987 -1988 "His Love Was Reaching" -#10 Christian CHR, #4 Christian AC

1988 "Amor Conquesta Todo (Love Conquers All)" -#8 Christian CHR,

#9 Christian AC

1988 "Higher Ground" -#15 Christian CHR, #34 Christian AC

Watch the music video of "All is God's Creation" here:

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