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Evolution (1993)

Evolution (stylized as Ev-O-Lu-Tion) is the fifth studio album by the Christian rock band Geoff Moore & The Distance, released in 1993 on Forefront Records. The album is produced by Phil Naish and Joe Hogue.

Evolution continues the band's pop/rock success of 1992's A Friend Like U with more radio-friendly hits like the title song "Evolution...Redefined" featuring Christian singer and comedian Mark Lowry voicing the teacher at the beginning of the song, plus "If You Could See What I See," "Life Together" and "Live to Tell." Moore covers Larry Norman's 1972 classic "Why Should the Devil (Have All the Good Music)" for the third time and also covers Johnny Nash's 1972 Billboard Hot 100 and AC hit "I Can See Clearly Now." Christian songwriter and vocalist Pam Mark Hall provides guest vocals and co-wrote the song "Heart to God, Hand to Man" as a tribute to the charitable organization The Salvation Army. Eight of the albums ten songs were released as singles from both Christian CHR (contemporary hit radio) and AC (adult contemporary) from the fall of 1993 to early 1995.

Evolution peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. In 1994, the band earned their second Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album and was nominated for two Dove Awards for Rock Album of the Year and Rock Recorded Song of the Year for the title song "Evolution...Redefined."

Moore and the band released a mini-movie on VHS called Life Together, based on songs from Evolution. The mini-movie looks back at Moore over his career from the year 2044 and contains 21st century interview footage, music videos for "Evolution...Redefined," "Life Together" and a bonus clip for "A Friend Like U" among others.

Track listing

1. Evolution...Redefined (Geoff Moore, Phil Maderia) -4:27

2. I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash) -3:53

3. Life Together (Geoff Moore, Joe Hogue) -4:25

4. Live to Tell (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -4:34

5. If You Could See What I See (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -4:18

6. Godgottaholdonme (Geoff Moore, Joe Hogue) -4:25

7. That's When I Know I'm Home (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -4:24

8. Heart to God, Hand to Man (guest vocals by Pam Mark Hall) (Geoff Moore,

Pam Mark Hall) -5:22

9. Why Should the Devil (Have All the Good Music) (Larry Norman) -4:24

10. When All is Said and Done (Geoff Moore, Jeff Silvey) -2:57


Geoff Moore & The Distance:

Geoff Moore -lead vocals

Roscue Meek -guitars

Gary Mullet -bass guitar

Greg Herrington -drums

Geof Barkley -keyboards, backing vocals

Production credits

Joe Hogue -producer (tracks 2 -4 and 6)

Phil Naish -producer (tracks 1, 5, 7 -10)

Radio singles

1993 "Evolution...Redefined" -#1 Christian CHR, #20 Christian AC

1994 "Live to Tell" -#4 Christian CHR, #4 Christian AC

1994 "Life Together" -#1 Christian CHR

1994 " If You Could See What I See" -#3 Christian AC

1994 "That's When I Know I'm Home" -#9 Christian CHR, #12 Christian AC

1994 "Heart to God, Hand to Man" -#7 Christian CHR, #7 Christian AC

1995 "Godgottaholdonme" -#2 Christian CHR

1995 "When All is Said and Done" -#16 Christian AC

Previous release: A Friend Like U (1992)

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