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Evolution: Extended Play Remixes (1995)

Evolution: Extended Play Remixes is a five-song extended play by the Christian rock band Geoff Moore & The Distance, released in 1995 on ForeFront Records. Released as part of the record label's "Extended Play Remixes" series featuring ForeFront recording artists and their remixed songs. It features two remixes of "Godgottaholdonme," two remixes of "Evolution...Redefined" and the Transparent House Dub mix of "I Can See Clearly Now." All were produced and remixed by Tedd T. with additional production by Chuck Zwicky and Ian Eskelin.

Track listing

1. Godgottaholdonme (145 Bpm Grip Mix) (Geoff Moore, Joe Hogue) -4:23

2. Godgottaholdonme (Sega Club Dub) -4:59

3. I Can See Clearly Now (Transparent House Dub) (Johnny Nash) -6:20

4. Evolution...Redefined (Revolution Mix) (Geoff Moore, Phil Maderia) -5:16

5. Evolution...Redefined (Big Bang Fiction Mix) -6:46

Production credits

Tedd T. -producer/remixer (all tracks)

Chuck Zwicky -producer/remixer (track 1)

Ian Eskelin -producer/remixer (track 2)

Joe Hogue -original producer (tracks 1 -3)

Phil Naish -original producer (tracks 4 and 5)

Previous release: Evolution (1993)

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