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Free at Last: Extended Play Remixes (1994)

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Free at Last: Extended Play Remixes is a 1994 four-song extended play by the Christian vocal trio DC Talk, released by ForeFront Records. Released as part of the record label's "Extended Play Remixes" series featuring ForeFront recording artists and their remixed songs. DC Talk was the first to release their remix EP featuring two remixes of "Jesus Is Just Alright" by Scott Blackwell, the Gotee Brothers' remix of "Luv Is A Verb" and the video mix of "The Hardway." For the music video, DC Talk opted to use a slightly-different mix for "The Hardway" than the version originally featured on Free At Last. This was the first official release of the version used in the video. This version was also included on Intermission: The Greatest Hits (2000). The remix EP peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Jesus Is Just Alright (Techno Remix) (Arthur Reid Reynolds) -5:28

2. Jesus Is Just Alright (Retro Remix) -6:37

3. Luv Is A Verb (Gotee Remix) (Toby McKeehan, Mark Heimermann, George Cocchini) -4:32

4. The Hardway (Video Mix) (Toby McKeehan) -5:29

Production credits

Scott Blackwell -remixer (Tracks 1 and 2)

Gotee Brothers -remixers (Track 3)

Toby McKeehan and Mark Heimermann -producers/remixers (Track 4)

John Mark Painter -remixer (Track 4) (uncredited)

Previous release: Free at Last (1992)

Next release: Jesus Freak (1995)

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