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Greatest Hits (1988)

Greatest Hits is a 1988 compilation album by the Christian rock band Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart on Myrrh Records. It is a collection of 12 of the band's best known songs from their four Myrrh albums More, Live Forever, Sheep in Wolves Clothing and Crack the Sky.

Track listing

1. Free Man (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington) (from More) -3:19

2. Trains Up in the Sky (Jerome Olds) (from Sheep in Wolves Clothing) -4:30

3. Love God, Hate Sin (Mylon LeFevre, Scott Allen, Kenny Bentley, Paul Joseph, Joe Hardy) (from Crack the Sky) -3:38

4. He is Strong (Mylon LeFevre, Ben Hewitt, Stan Coates) (from Sheep in Wolves Clothing) -3:53

5. Morning Star (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington) (from Sheep in Wolves Clothing) -4:04

6. Gospel Ship (Mylon LeFevre) (from Sheep in Wolves Clothing) -4:23

7. Freedom (Dean Harrington, Gary Hughes) (from Live Forever)-6:01

8. Crack the Sky (Rick Crow) (from Crack the Sky) -3:59

9. My Heart Belongs to Him (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington) (from More) -3:57

10. For My Growing (duet with Carole Ford) (Carole Ford) (from Crack the Sky)-4:44

11. I Will Rejoice (Gary Hughes) (from Sheep in Wolves Clothing) -5:11

12. The Warrior (Mylon LeFevre, Stan Coates) (from Sheep in Wolves Clothing) -4:31


Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart:

Mylon LeFevre -lead vocals, guitar (all tracks)

Scott Allen -guitar, backing vocals (tracks 2 -8, 10 -12)

Trent Argante -guitar, backing vocals (tracks 3, 8 and 10)

Ben Hewitt -digital drums, percussion (all tracks)

Kenny Bentley -bass guitar, backing vocals (all tracks)

Paul Joseph -keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals (tracks 2 -6, 8, 10 -12)

Dean Harrington -guitar, backing vocals (tracks 1, 7 and 9)

Stan Coates -keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals (tracks 1, 7 and 9)

Tim Huffman -guitar, backing vocals (tracks 1 and 9)

David Payton - guitar, backing vocals (tracks 2, 4 -6, 11 and 12)

Production credits

Mylon LeFevre and Joe Hardy -producers (all tracks)

Dean Harrington -co-producer (tracks 1 and 9)

Previous release: Crack the Sky (1987)

Next release: Face the Music (1988)

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