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I Choose You (2004)

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

I Choose You is the seventh studio album by the Christian female vocal group Point of Grace, released on October 12, 2004 by Word/Curb/Warner Bros. Records. Point of Grace worked with four producers on this album: David Zaffiro, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Brent Bourgeois, and Mark Hammond.

I Choose You is the first album to feature new member Leigh Cappillino, who replaced founding member Terry Jones. It is also the first full-length album of new material since 2001's Free to Fly and is more raw and less glossy than on previous efforts. Bourgeois, who produced the song "Forever On and On" that the women participated on the compilation project album Streams, produced two tracks and Hammond produced the title track. The title song and "Who Am I?" were Top 10 hits on the Billboard Christian radio charts and "Waiting in the Wings" topped Radio and Records Christian Inspo chart, giving Point of Grace their 28th number one song overall. I Choose You peaked at number 4 on the Top Christian Albums and number 85 on the Top 200 Albums charts in Billboard magazine.

Note: the track "Who Am I?" is a different recording than the song also titled "Who Am I" that is on Point of Grace's 1998 album Steady On.

Track listing

1. I Choose You (John Waller, Jason Hoard, Scott Johnson, Matt Adkins) -4:04

2. Down (Matthew West, Brian White, Marshall Hall, Sam Mizell) -3:44

3. Who Am I? (Marshall Hall, Sam Mizell, Terri Fritsch) -3:39

4. Worthless (Jess Cates, Kevin Paige) -4:07

5. Justified (Jason Ingrim, Stephen Leiweke, Kara Tualatai) -3:35

6. God Is In It (Scott Krippayne, Sam Mizell) -3:43

7. Make It Real (Dana Glover, Dillion O'Brian, Bob Thiele, Jr.) -3:58

8. Do It Again (Scott Krippayne, Matthew West) -3:12

9. Waiting in the Wings (Mark Harris, Tony Wood) -4:03

10. For All You've Done (Clint Lagerberg) -4:39

11. Arrival at the City (reading) (John Bunyan) -1:43

12. This Is Your Land (Phil Baggaley, Ian Blythe, Dave Clifton, Adiran Plass) -3:55


Point of Grace:

Shelly Breen -vocals

Denise Jones -vocals

Heather Payne -vocals

Leigh Capillino -vocals

Production credits

David Zaffiro -producer (tracks 3, 5, 8 -10)

Wayne Kirkpatrick -producer (tracks 2, 4, 6 and 7)

Brent Bourgeois -producer (tracks 11 and 12)

Mark Hammond -producer (track 1)

Radio singles

2004 "I Choose You" -#8 Billboard Hot Christian Songs, #8 Billboard Christian Airplay, #8 Billboard Christian AC Airplay

2005 "Who Am I?" -#8 Billboard Hot Christian Songs, #8 Billboard Christian

Airplay, #7 Billboard Christian AC Airplay

2005 "Waiting in the Wings" -#1 R&R Christian Inspo

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