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If We Pray (2001)

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

If We Pray is the fifth studio album by the Christian R&B/gospel duo Anointed, released on October 16, 2001 by Word Records. After the departure of former member Denise "Nee-C" Walls, Anointed's future, at the time, was uncertain with the siblings Da'dra and Steve Crawford remaining. The duo decided to head into the studio and begin work on their fifth album. The Crawfords worked with various producers and musicians on If We Pray, including Christopher Harris, Tommy Sims, Chris Rodriquez, Mark Hammond and Dan Muckala.

If We Pray pushes the envelope creatively, musically, and vocally, bringing out a distinctive sound with the duo already known for their one-of-a-kind vocal talent. The album balances the jumpy, shouting tracks, like "Rejoice," with more introspective meditational ballads, like "You'll Never Thirst" (co-written by Nicole C. Mullen) and "I'm Praying for You." Former member "Nee-C" Wall co-wrote two songs: "Nothing Can Stop Me from Loving You" and "A Time for Everything." If We Pray peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Ashley's Prayer -0:35

2. If We Pray (Chris Rodriguez, Madeline Stone) -3:40

3. One Fine Day (Grant Cunningham, Stephanie Lewis, Mark Hammond) -3:28

4. You'll Never Thirst (Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, Nicole C. Mullen, Brad O'Donnell, Roger Ryan) -4:32

5. Rejoice (Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, Keith Brown) -3:20

6. I'm Praying for You (Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, Steve Crawford, Jeremy Bose) -4:08

7. Monty's Prayer -0:43

8. Things I Wish (Tommy Sims, Victoria Shaw) -4:09

9. Nothing Can Stop Me from Loving You (Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, Steve Crawford, Denise "Nee-C" Walls, Mark Hammond, Will Robinson) -3:02

10. A Time for Everything (Denise "Nee-C" Walls, Mark Heimermann) -4:01

11. That'll Do It (Da'dra Crawford Greathouse, Steve Crawford, Tommy Sims) -4:55

12. Let Me Be Love (Judie Lawson, Steve Siler) -4:35

Production credits

Mark Hammond -producer (tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10)

Christopher Harris -producer (tracks 4, 6 and 12)

Chris Rodriquez and Dan Muckala (track 2)

Tommy Sims -producer (tracks 4, 8 and 11)

Radio singles

2001 "You'll Never Thirst" -#26 R&R Christian AC

2002 "One Fine Day" -#9 R&R Christian AC

Previous release: Anointed (1999)

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