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Llegar a Ti (1999)

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Llegar a Ti (Get to You in English) is the third studio and first Spanish language album by Christian/Latina pop singer Jaci Velasquez. It was released on August 31, 1999 by Sony Discos/Sony Music International.

Llegar a Ti consists of six songs from Jaci's first two Christian albums but sung in Spanish and five original songs, which were produced by Cuban-American musician Rudy Pérez. The title song was released to Latin radio stations as the first single and went to number one on both the Hot Latin Songs and Latin Pop Airplay charts in Billboard magazine. An English version of "Llegar a Ti" entitled "Love Will Find You" appeared in the motion picture soundtrack Music of the Heart and peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Its second single "Sólo Tú (Only You)" went Top 5 on both Latin charts.

The album climbed to number 2 on the Billboard Latin Pop Albums, number 4 on the Top Latin Albums and number 7 on the Top Christian Albums charts. In 2000 at the 31st GMA Dove Awards, Jaci won Female Vocalist of the Year (for the second time) and Spanish Language Album of the Year and also won a Premio Lo Nuestro Award for New Artist of the Year. She was also nominated for two Latin Grammys for Best Latin Pop Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the title song. Llegar a Ti was certified Double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of 200,000 copies.

Track listing

1. Con Tu Amor (Rudy Pérez) -4:45


3. Un Lugar Celestial (David Velasquez, Mark Heimermann, Bob Farrell, Reggie Hamm) -4:01

4. Sólo Tú (Rudy Pérez) -4:04

5. Manantial de Caricias (Rudy Pérez, Gustavo Arenas, Mario Patiño) -4:17

6. De Creer en Ti (Nicole C. Mullen, David Mullen, Michael Ochs) -3:48

7. Junto a Mí (Rudy Pérez, Mark Heimermann, Joel Numa) -4:15

8. Mira Lo Que Has Hecho en Mí (Rob Mathes, Stephanie Lewis) -4:35

9. Dentro Está Tu Voz (Toby McKeehan, Joey Elwood, Christopher Harris) -4:37

10. Como una Flor (Chris Eaton) -3:37

11. Al Mundo Dios Amó (Chris Eaton, David Velasquez) -5:12

Platinum certified 2x in 2000.

Production credits

Rudy Pérez -producer (all tracks)

Mark Heimermann -producer (tracks 3, 6, 8 -11)

Phil Naish -co-producer (track 5)

Christopher Harris -co-producer (track 11)


Dove Award -Female Vocalist of the Year

Spanish Language Album of the Year (Llegar a Ti)

Premio Lo Nuestro Award -New Artist of the Year

Radio singles

"Llegar a Ti" -#1 Billboard Hot Latin Songs, #1 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay

"Sólo Tú" -#4 Billboard Hot Latin Songs, #2 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay

"De Creer en Ti" -#18 Billboard Hot Latin Songs, #10 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay

"Un Lugar Celestial" -#40 Billboard Hot Latin Songs, #19 Billboard Latin Pop Airplay

Previous release: Jaci Velasquez (1998)

Next release: Crystal Clear (2000)

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