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My Refuge (2002)

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

My Refuge is a 2002 album by Christian rock singer -songwriter Margaret Becker.

After her time on her former label Sparrow Records, Becker released this collection of her favorite songs plus some new songs. Mostly a stripped-down affair, these recordings are songs that she has done on her acoustic shows as a request by the fans. Becker originally released My Refuge independently in 2002, but in 2003 it was re-issued as Just Come In on Cross Driven Records and was distributed by Provident Music Group. Becker herself produced the album and had asked some of her musician friends, who toured with her, to join in to record the project. Due to a limited number of copies made, the album is currently out of print.

Track listing

1. You're Worthy (Margaret Becker, David Edwards) -2:59

2. Feel it All (Margaret Becker, Robbie Nevil) -5:39

3. Say the Name (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) -4:48

4. Hear All Creation (Margaret Becker, Keith Getty) -3:42

5. Clay and Water (Margaret Becker, Tanya Leah Roman) -4:11

6. All I Ever Wanted (Margaret Becker) -4:52

7. My Refuge Be (Margaret Becker, David Edwards, John Hartley) -3:30

8. Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer (May This Journey) (Margaret Becker,

Keith Getty) -4:00

9. Poor in Paradise (Margaret Becker, Lowell Alexander) -3:35

10. Just Come In (Margaret Becker) -4:18

11. No Height, No Depth (Kristyn Lennox, Keith Getty) -3:40

Previous release: What Kind of Love (1999)

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