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Very Best of Margaret Becker (2006)

Updated: Mar 8

Very Best of Margaret Becker is a 2006 compilation album of Christian rock singer -songwriter Margaret Becker, released by Sparrow Records. As part of Sparrow Records' Very Best of series of albums by former artists on the label, this 12-song collection features tracks from Becker's catalog from 1987 to 1999.

Track listing

1. Deep Calling Deep (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) (from Grace) -3:47

2. True Devotion (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock, Doug McKevey) (from Grace) -4:15

3. Deliver Me (Margaret Becker, Robbie Nevil) (from Falling Forward) -5:10

4. Say the Name (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) (from Soul) -4:31

5. All I Ever Wanted (Margaret Becker) (from Simple House) -4:34

6. This I Know (Margaret Becker) (from Soul) -3:16

7. Find Me (Margaret Becker) (from The Reckoning) -3:43

8. Friend for Life (Margaret Becker, Chris Eaton) (from What Kind of Love) -4:58

9. The Hunger Stays (Margaret Becker) (from Immigrant's Daughter) -4:15

10. This Love (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock, Kip Summers) (from Steps of Faith 1987 - 1991) -4:26

11. Never for Nothing (Margaret Becker, Ric Blair) (from Never for Nothing)


12. Clay and Water (Margaret Becker, Tanya Leah Roman) (from Falling

Forward) -5:04

Production credits

Charlie Peacock -producer (tracks 1, 2, 4 -6, 9 and 10)

Monroe Jones -producer (tracks 3 and 12)

Billy Smiley -producer (track 11)

Dan Posthuma -producer (track 7)

Tedd T. -producer (track 8)

Previous release: My Refuge (2002)

Next release: Air (2007)

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