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Rarities & Remixes (2000)

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Rarities & Remixes is a compilation album by the female Christian vocal group Point of Grace, released on May 9, 2000 by Word Records. The album is compiled and produced by Tony McAnany, along with various producers including the group themselves.

Rarities & Remixes consists of eight remixes of songs from the group's first two albums, Point of Grace and The Whole Truth; the track "Forever On and On," taken from the 1999 compilation album project, Streams; an acoustic performance of "Circle of Friends" from the group's third album, Life, Love & Other Mysteries; and five live performances predating the group's signing to Word Records going by their original group name Say So. Rarities & Remixes peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Gather at the River (Remix) (Joel Lindsey, Regie Hamm) (originally from The Whole Truth) -3:19

2. God Is With Us (Remix) (Robert Sterling) (originally from The Whole Truth) -4:02

3. The Great Divide (Remix) (Grant Cunningham, Matt Huesmann) (originally from The Whole Truth) -5:06

4. Jesus Will Still Be There (Remix) (Sterling, John Mandeville) (originally from

Point of Grace) -4:30

5. No More Pain (Remix) (Becky and Geoff Thurman, Michael English) (originally

from Point of Grace) -5:42

6. Forever On and On (Rarity) (Gordon Kennedy, Jimmie Lee Sloas)

(from Streams) -5:42

7. One More Broken Heart (Remix) (Dwight Liles, Jeff Slaughter) (originally from

Point of Grace) -4:39

8. Faith, Hope & Love (Remix) (Ty Lacy, Kevin Stokes) (originally from Point of Grace) -4:07

9. More Than Anything (Remix) (Jon Mohr, Randall Dennis) (originally from The Whole Truth) -5:37

10. Say So (Live) (Rarity) (Joel Engle) (originally from Say So) -3:24

11. Nothing But the Blood (Live) (Rarity) (Robery Lowery) (originally from Say So) -0:57

12. Fairest Lord Jesus (Live) (Rarity) (traditional; arranged by Richard Willis) -4:07

13. Washed in the Blood (Live) (Rarity) (Dawn Thomas) (originally from Say So) -2:56

14. He's the Best Thing (Live) (Rarity) (Jessy Dixon) (originally from Say So) -3:37

15. Circle of Friends (Live and Unplugged) (Rarity) (Douglas McKelvey, Steve Siler)

(originally from Life, Love & Other Mysteries) -4:12


Point of Grace:

Shelly Breen -vocals

Denise Jones -vocals

Terry Jones -vocals

Heather Payne -vocals

Production credits

Tony McAnany -producer compiler (all tracks)

Roy Hendrickson -remixer (tracks 2 -5, 7 -9)

Tom Salta -remixer (track 1)

Robert Sterling -original producer (tracks 1 -5, 7 -9)

Scott Williamson -original producer (tracks 4, 5, 7 and 8)

Dave McKerley -original producer (tracks 10, 11, 13 and 14)

Point of Grace and Bubba Smith -producers (track 15)

Brent Bourgeois and Loren Balman -producers (track 6)

Previous release: A Christmas Story (1999)

Next release: Free to Fly (2001)

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