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Start Believin' (1980)

Start Believin' is the second studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Steve Camp, released in 1980 on Myrrh/Word Records. The album is produced by Morris "Butch" Stewart. The production is bigger this time, setting the stage for Camp's popularity in the 1980s. Larry Norman co-wrote the track "Under His Love" with Camp. Start Believin' is not available on CD.

Track listing

1. The Feeling is Happening (Morris "Butch" Stewart) -6:02

2. You Are the Rainbow (Steve Camp) -3:13

3. Under His Love (Steve Camp, Larry Norman) -3:37

4. Easy Livin' (Under the Sun) (Steve Camp) -3:03

5. Ambassador in Chains (Steve Camp) -3:52

6. Start Believin' (Steve Camp, Morris "Butch" Stewart, David Isaiah Radford)


7. Do They Have to Grow Up (Paul Libman) -3:57

8. I'll Always Need You Lord (Morris "Butch" Stewart) -5:48

9. Bobby (Steve Camp) -5:20

10. Psalm 131 (Steve Camp) -2:17

Previous release: Sayin' It With Love (1978)

Next release: For Every Man (1981)

Listen to the album Start Believin' here:

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